Thursday, August 28, 2014

Decorating Table Caddies #makeamazing

Setting up my classroom is one of my all time favorite things to do! My room is *almost* ready and I can't wait to show you! But first, I wanted to share a cute way to decorate table caddies for classroom supplies using ribbon and some adorable washi tape from Scotch!

Materials needed:

*Table caddies {I found the pink and green ones at Hobby Lobby and I'm #obsessed}
*Table numbers {I used these adorable ones from Ladybug Teacher Files and printed 2 to a page so they printed smaller}
*Card stock
*Glue sticks {I am thoroughly in love with wrinkle free glue sticks!}
*Glue gun

The project:

1. Cut the card stock to the size you need {make enough for each caddy}
2. Begin covering the card stock with alternating washi tape. I covered mine at a diagonal.
3. Keep going until the whole square is covered!
4. Use your scissors to trim the excess tape.

Once the square is completely covered, glue the table number label on top of it.
{I didn't center the table number since I knew I wanted to add ribbon to the top. If you aren't adding ribbon, you can center it!}

I added a cute ribbon around each caddy using a hot glue gun, and then hot glued the label to the longest side.

Finally, a glued down a bow to add depth and style ;)

You can store your table caddies on a shelf, and have each table grab a caddy whenever supplies are needed!

Aren't they cute?! I showed my friends Christy and Aris and they said it would be cute if I made a table caddy for myself too! I thought it was a great idea, so here is my teacher supply caddy! 
I am so excited to use these this year!
This post is brought to you by Scotch®. All opinions are mine.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Try it Free Tuesday {all about colors}

Thanks for stopping by the last installment of Try it Free Tuesday 2014!
It was really fun sharing these amazing products with you, I hope you enjoyed them too!
{button by the fabulous Lyndsey Kuster}

I'm so very excited to share this final amazing product with you!

Today I am sharing a fun freebie from one of my favorite bloggy friends, Christy of Crayons and Whimsy!
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In just one week, Christy will be starting her 16th year of teaching. She has taught a variety of grades, but most have been in kindergarten or first grade all in Southern California. When she's not teaching, Christy loves to travel! All her traveling has led her to a Euro hubby who she adores and luckily he loves to travel, too!  This summer she visited France, Iceland as well as three new states here at home.  In 2012 Christy decided that she needed to get in on the blogging action and that is when Crayons and Whimsy began. In the future, she hopes to again live and teach abroad. Her goal is to visit all 50 states and all 7 continents {Yes. That means a trip to Antarctica is in her future!}
Today Christy is sharing how she teaches All About Colors at the beginning of the year!
This is the perfect Color Unit for your pre school, TK, kindergarten or first grade room.

Included is the following:
*Simple Sentence Posters for each color
*Large color book
*Mini color books for students to create their own
*Favorite color graph
*Science color mixing experiment
*Color poster reference 
*Color shape Books (these are sold separately as well)
and More!
Today Christy is offering her Red book and poem for free!

Download this amazing freebie today, August 26th ONLY! Be sure to tell your friends before time runs out! 

We hope you enjoyed Try if Free Tuesday this summer! Have a great new school year! :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Editable Word Wall Templates!

This year, my teaching partner and I are really going to make an effort to use our word wall more effectively. Here's a sneak peek at what our word wall looks like so far!

I realized as we were creating the word wall that all we really needed was a template to type the words we needed into. Being that I have an obsession with chevron, polka dots and stripes, I couldn't decide between the three, so I just created them all!
Editable Word Wall Templates
Editable Word Wall Templates
Editable Word Wall Templates
 I made each design in black and white, bright colors and primary colors. I also added different sizes for each card, depending on how big or small we needed a word. After we type in all the words {with my favorite KG Miss Kindergarten font ;)}, I will print them on cardstock and laminate them! Boom! Done!

You can pick up these editable word wall cards in my TpT shop on sale {along with everything else in my store!} today!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Try it Free Tuesday {CVC word centers}

Thanks for stopping by week eight of Try it Free Tuesday 2014!
Each Tuesday this summer, I will be featuring a product or two that you are able to try out for FREE!
The products will be available for free for one day only! Of course, you will be able to purchase them on TpT after that.
{button by the fabulous Lyndsey Kuster}

I'm so very excited to share all of these awesome products with you!

Today I am sharing a fun freebie from one of my favorite new bloggy friends, A Teachable Teacher!
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Hello there, my name is Lauren and I am A Teachable Teacher!  I am entering my fourth year of teaching elementary school, and my first year teaching mainstream first grade.  In the past I have been a K-6 ESL/EL Intervention Specialist, and I am so excited to finally have my own crop of kids.  I started creating page layouts during 8th grade yearbook staff and fell in love with designing and working on the computer.  Once I started teaching, I started creating my own resources for my intervention students and I haven't looked back!  Creating and teaching are my passions, and I love being able to share them with all of you!

Today Lauren is sharing a fun little I Spy CVC Words activity to use during word work or literacy centers!

While teaching reading to ESL/EL kindergarteners, I needed a fun way to help students continually practice sounding out CVC words and "I Spy CVC Words" was born.  Students get to look through fun pictures (AKA adorable clip art) to find CVC words.  As they find each word, they read it and write it down.  After hunting down ten words, my students read their list to a friend and then color the picture.  It's great practice for students at all levels of reading, those who read rapidly, and those who still sound it out.  My students kept begging for more (what 5 year old doesn't love using a magnifying glass?) so I made them for every season of the year! I have used these worksheets for fast finishers, centers and homework.  Did I mention they are no prep?

Download this amazing freebie today, August 19th ONLY! Be sure to tell your friends before time runs out! 

Join us next week for the very LAST Try it Free Tuesday 2014! Hope you all enjoyed!
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