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Math Story Problems {addition and subtraction to 10}

I love teaching math and story problems are no exception! But story problems sure can be tricky! Especially with all those words ;)
When I'm teaching my students how to solve story problems, we talk about all the important parts of each problem. We circle the numbers and underline the important words. We fully dissect the problem before we even start! Then we use manipulatives to "act out" the problem. Sometimes real manipulatives, sometimes paper ones. Then the students can glue their manipulatives down and write their equation.

I created seasonal story problems that can be used throughout the year! Here's a look at the Summer Story Problems in action! 

These pages were bound using a spiral binding machine which is super fun, but definitely not necessary! You can simply staple the pages together to make a practice book, or just copy the pages off one by one!
Students will cut out the paper manipulatives at the bottom and work through the story problem, gluing down the pieces to show their work. 
Math Story Problems Addition and Subtraction to 10

They also love, love, love getting to color it all in!
Math Story Problems Addition and Subtraction to 10

Once their pieces are glued down, they also write an equation to match the story problem and include their answer.
Math Story Problems Addition and Subtraction to 10

The great thing about these story problems is not only are they working on addition and/subtraction, but they are also working on positional words and making sure they are understanding the question!
Math Story Problems Addition and Subtraction to 10

Math Story Problems Addition and Subtraction to 10

Math Story Problems Addition and Subtraction to 10

My students love using these story problems and I hope yours do too!

Currently, my growing bundle is home to Spring Story Problems and Summer Story Problems. Soon it will also include Fall and Winter themed story problems! Enough to get you through a whole year!
Math Story Problems Addition and Subtraction to 10

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