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Summer Math & Literacy Centers for Kindergarten

I love switching out our themed centers each month! I wanted to share a look at our summer themed centers which are perfect for the last few weeks of school or even if you're teaching summer school!

Math Centers:
Watermelon Addition
The kiddos will choose 2 watermelon cards, write the number of seeds on each watermelon, then add the numbers together. 

Skip Counting Puzzles
Complete the puzzles by counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s.

Sunny Subtraction
What's more fun than sunglasses?! The kiddos will write a subtraction problem for each set of sunglasses and then write the difference on their recording sheet.

Flip Flop Fun
We have a version of this game almost every month. My students always love it! To play, you roll 2 dice, add the numbers together, and cover the number you on the game board. 

Sunny Teen Numbers
This is my FAVORITE center! Give each sun their sunglasses by decomposing the teen numbers using base ten blocks.

Beach Ball Ten Frames
The kiddos will use the ten frames to help them make a ten. Eventually, they will be able to solve the equations quickly and without counting the boxes!

Literacy Centers:
Scooping CVC words
Match the picture on the ice cream scoop with the correct CVC word on the cone.

Sight Word Sundaes
Your kiddos will read the sight words on the bowl and build the word using the ice cream scoops. On the recording sheet, they will unscramble the letters to make each word they built.

Searching for Shells
This center includes a word sort for both short and long vowel word families. They will sort the shells under the correct word family buckets.

Sentence Scrambles
This is a fun pocket chart center. Your kiddos will unscramble the word cards to build 4 sentences. It's a great way to practice sentence structure and comprehending sentences.

Barbecue Blends
Sorting the hamburger and hot dog cards by their ending blends.

You can find all these centers in my TpT shop!

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Subtract & Reveal {subtraction fluency practice

We have been working on our addition & subtraction fluency a lot in kindergarten! Earlier in the year, I introduced Add & Reveal and my kiddos went bonkers over the cards! They already loved our Read & Reveal cards, so they were really excited about these! Once we started working on subtraction, I brought out Subtract & Reveal! I wanted to share a little more about these cards with you!

One of our kindergarten standards is to add and subtract fluently, so we practice lots! These cards make the mundane task a lot more fun!

Here's how they work:
The students choose a card {depending on what skill they're working on, more on that below!} and read the equation.

In the beginning, when we are learning, I do not expect my students to solve these fluently, which is why I included visual support. In this example, they will read "4 minus 1 is". They will use what they know about subtraction to solve this problem. They can use a dry-erase marker to cross out the number they are subtracting to help them see the answer {another reason to laminate the cards!}.

Once they are confident with their answer, they will unclip the card to *reveal* the answer!

Once they become more confident with their subtraction fluency, you can take away the visual support and use only number symbols.

I have included cards for several subtraction skills!
Subtraction minus 0

Subtraction minus 1

Subtraction from 5 and minus 5

Subtraction from 10 and minus 10

Doubles Subtraction

Mixed subtraction from 10 and 20

Helpful Tips:
*Print the cards on thick cardstock and laminate them for durability! They will be handled often so you'll want them to stay intact!
*You can also print each skill on a different colored cardstock so they are easy to organize by skill.
*Store the cards you aren't using in plastic bags or small plastic bins with labels! {see how I organize my Read & Reveal cards here}
*Find fun clothespins on clearance at Michaels or Joanns after holidays, or pick them up in the Target Dollar Spot!

Looking for Add & Reveal fluency? You can find those in my TpT shop as well!

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