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Morning Work Tubs for Kindergarten

If the start of your school day is as crazy as mine, I know how stressful it can be! Between parents who have questions, students who need immediate attention, or a call from the front office, it’s hard to split your attention in 5 different ways AND still be in charge of your class! That’s where Morning Work Tubs come in! 
Teach your students first thing in the morning to hang their backpacks, put their lunchbox away, and grab a morning tub! The management is up to you, whether you want to assign partners to specific tubs or let your students choose. All the skills are perfect for beginning of the year kindergarteners and they can work on everything independently, giving you time to focus your attention on other needs!

Setting up morning tubs. What do you need?
I like to place all the materials for each activity in a tub or tray. The Target Dollar Spot always has fun colorful tubs/trays that work perfectly. I like to print each activity on card stock paper so it is thicker and more durable. You will also need to laminate the activities so they can be used over and over again. 
Other helpful materials: dry-erase markers, magnet letters, Velcro dots, pom-poms, play-doh, clothespins, pipe-cleaners, and plastic buttons.

Let's take a look at what's included!

 Name writing practice 
For obvious reasons, name writing is a super important skill for your kinders, so we try anything to make it fun! This morning work tub is always a favorite!
Have your students use a dry-erase marker to practice writing their names and their classmates' names. 
You can also have them use magnet letters or other manipulatives to work on spelling their name as well!

Fine Motor Letters
Have your students practice the alphabet while strengthening their fine motor muscles! They can use mini pom-poms or play-doh to form each letter. I found these awesome plastic tweezers at the Dollar Tree, perfect for growing those teeny fine-motor finger muscles!

Letter Tracing Practice
Students will practice writing the uppercase & lowercase letters with dry-erase markers. They can use different colors to differentiate between the upper and lowercase letters.

Letter Recognition Practice
Visually discriminating uppercase & lowercase letters.

Letter Writing Practice
There are three versions of this center: writing all uppercase letters, all lowercase letters, and mixed upper & lowercase letters. They will trace the letters on the top line and practice writing them on their own on the second line.

Sight Word Writing Practice
Trace each word and write it on line below. I also encourage my students to read the words to a friend which they love to do!

Sentence Writing Practice
An introduction to sentence writing! Even if your students aren't able to read the words yet, this is great exposure to correct sentence formation. They will practice uppercase letters at the beginning of the sentence, correct spacing, and punctuation at the end!

Rhyming Words & Color Words
Velcro dots are our friend! Have your students match the picture cards on the mats. The velcro helps to keep the cards from sliding all over the place ;)

Beginning Sounds Practice
Using word family words, your students will work on identifying beginning sounds in words.

Number Tracing Practice
Using a dry-erase marker, your students will practice writing numbers 1-10 as well as writing number words.

Counting Clips
Working on one-to-one correspondence, your students will count the pictures on each card and clip the correct number. This is also great fine-motor work!

Tracing Shapes
Using a dry-erase marker, they will practice shape formation. You can also have your kids use shape blocks or manipulatives to match onto the shapes.

Fine Motor Numbers
Have your students practice number formation using pipe cleaners, mini pom-poms, or play-doh.

Glue Dots
Use mini pom-poms to work on one-to-one correspondence. 

Buttons in a Jar
Have your students add buttons to a jar to match the number on the card. Any type of "real life" manipulative is always a huge hit!

They can also count the buttons in each jar and write how many they counted in the box.

Count & Match
Identifying numbers in several ways, your students will match the picture cards onto the correct mat.

As the year progresses, so do your students' needs! This Morning Work Bundle will eventually include tubs for the middle and the end of the year. You can check it out in my TpT shop below!

Using a Rug-Ed iPad Case

When it comes to using iPads in the classroom, a durable case is a MUST! Recently, I received the Rug-Ed ProLock 9.7 to test out and it did not disappoint! It has all the necessities of a protective iPad case but is not bulky or heavy. I'm excited to have found this amazing case and share with you all my favorite things about it!

Disclosure: I received compensation and/or products in exchange for writing this review, however all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. 

Here's a look at the Rug-Ed ProLOCK 9.7!

The ProLOCK9.7 is super lightweight but incredibly durable! I especially appreciate the handle which makes it really easy to carry around and reduces the risk of dropping {but it's nice that the iPad case comes equipped with bumper corners to provide superior drop protection in case it is dropped, an absolute must for little hands!} The handle also allows for easy handling during a presentation or collaborative work.

The iPad case is quick & easy to assemble! Simply insert your iPad and attach the clear back with the lock in pins. As I was assembling the case around the iPad, I found that the locks in the back were very tight and hard to push in. I KNOW the iPad will stay put inside the case and no risk of it falling out! 

I also appreciate that the removable stand can rotate so the iPad can sit up horizontally and vertically.

The ProLOCK is compatible with iPad Mini 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro 9.7, iPad 5th Gen (2017), and iPad 6th Gen (2018). All of the buttons and ports are still easily accessible and the thin design ensures that it will fit into all major charging carts!

My two-year-old daughter was excited to test out the iPad at home!

She was easily able to carry it around the room and the free tempered-glass screen protector gave me peace of mind from the iPad getting damaged or direct screen impact.

    The stand held the iPad at the perfect angle for her and she learned quickly how to push the stand in when it was time to put the iPad away.

    We give the Rug-Ed ProLOCK 9.7 case an A+! Thank you Rug-Ed for letting us try it out!

    Interested in using this iPad case in your classroom? Not only is it extremely durable, but also extremely affordable! Rug-Ed also works with schools/districts to offer the best repair support if needed. You can find the iPads on their website and use my code missk10 for 10% off through December 2018.