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Ruby James {eleven months}

Yay! I am eleven months!
How is this even possible?! I swear, this past month was the fastest out of the past year! What a busy month it was!

Ruby now pulls up on anything and everything! She loves to stand and try to walk. She even pushes her high chair around the kitchen as a walker.

She loves to wave hi to everyone she sees!

And even though she has more toys than she possibly needs, Rando's toy are so much more fun to play with ;)

We celebrated our first Mother's Day which was really fun and special!

We also took Ruby on her first flight! 

We visited my sister in New York and Ruby had an absolute blast!

She loved riding on the bus and waving to everyone.

The New York Public Library was her happy place :)

We also got to visit the TpT headquarters which was a lot of fun!

And played with the cubes in the Apple store.

Ruby LOVES eating lemons and does not make a face at all!

Her new favorite thing to do is hold Rando's leash on walks.

We celebrated Ruby and her little friends' upcoming birthdays with a painting in the park party!

And at exactly 11 months old, Ruby showed us how to play patty cake!
{you can also see her little teeth!}

I can't believe how grown up my sweet little baby is already! The countdown to ONE has officially begun! #cuethetears

Ruby James {ten months}

Our little Ruby girl is 10 months!! Holy moly!! What a crazy and exciting ten months it's been!

Ruby is officially transitioning into toddler hood which makes me happy and sad all at the same time! I love watching her turn into a little person! She is crawling all over the place and pulling herself up to stand on everything she can!

She continues to love books and she even makes a sound that resembles "book" when she wants to read :)

Her favorite game is empty out all the contents of her JuJuBe diaper bag!

She has FOMO {fear of missing out} so naps are few and far between! But she definitely rocks the naps when she finally does fall asleep ;)

This month, Ruby celebrated her first Passover!

Her first Easter!

And went to her first major league baseball game! Go Dodgers!

She was such a trooper at the game! She fell asleep on me right before the 7th inning stretch :)

She already wants to be on the go! She loves to hold our hands and walk everywhere!

She love, love, loves babies! Books, dolls, in real life...she gets excited every time she sees one. She's definitely a nurturing soul!

Ruby loves when we get to do lunch with daddy!

Our sweet happy girl! Love you to the moon and back Ru!