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Subtract & Reveal {subtraction fluency practice

We have been working on our addition & subtraction fluency a lot in kindergarten! Earlier in the year, I introduced Add & Reveal and my kiddos went bonkers over the cards! They already loved our Read & Reveal cards, so they were really excited about these! Once we started working on subtraction, I brought out Subtract & Reveal! I wanted to share a little more about these cards with you!

One of our kindergarten standards is to add and subtract fluently, so we practice lots! These cards make the mundane task a lot more fun!

Here's how they work:
The students choose a card {depending on what skill they're working on, more on that below!} and read the equation.

In the beginning, when we are learning, I do not expect my students to solve these fluently, which is why I included visual support. In this example, they will read "4 minus 1 is". They will use what they know about subtraction to solve this problem. They can use a dry-erase marker to cross out the number they are subtracting to help them see the answer {another reason to laminate the cards!}.

Once they are confident with their answer, they will unclip the card to *reveal* the answer!

Once they become more confident with their subtraction fluency, you can take away the visual support and use only number symbols.

I have included cards for several subtraction skills!
Subtraction minus 0

Subtraction minus 1

Subtraction from 5 and minus 5

Subtraction from 10 and minus 10

Doubles Subtraction

Mixed subtraction from 10 and 20

Helpful Tips:
*Print the cards on thick cardstock and laminate them for durability! They will be handled often so you'll want them to stay intact!
*You can also print each skill on a different colored cardstock so they are easy to organize by skill.
*Store the cards you aren't using in plastic bags or small plastic bins with labels! {see how I organize my Read & Reveal cards here}
*Find fun clothespins on clearance at Michaels or Joanns after holidays, or pick them up in the Target Dollar Spot!

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Super Blends Practice! {learning to read words with blends}

 Our CVC centers and CVCe centers have been a HUGE hit in our classroom...I knew I had to make some fun centers for blends! The kiddos love the interactive, hands-on activities they get to use during center time and they're truly becoming great readers and writers. It really makes me one happy teacher!

Since most of my students have mastered their CVC words and CVCe words, we needed something a little more challenging so I created fun games to practice reading and writing words with beginning blends. They are very similar to the other games and centers, so there wasn't a lot of re-teaching that had to go on. My students understood how to play right away!

Match it Up
This game is really great because it is scaffolded so ALL my students feel successful. They match the picture cards to each other and then practice blending the onset and rime to read each word. They also see the blend isolated which really helps them in decoding.

I also created some fun printables to reinforce the beginning blends. They cut out the letters, glue them at the beginning of each word, and re-write the word on the line. These would be a great center activity, but you could also send them home for homework or use them at the end of the unit as a spiral review!

Build a Word
The students choose a word card and finds the letters to build each word.
They can use magnetic letters, bottle cap letters or a dry-erase marker to build them.

Then they will practice sounding out each word on this page and writing the letters in each box. These word well in write and wipe pockets so that they can use it over and over again in centers, but it would also be a great formative assessment!

And another cut and paste activity! Throw in fine motor practice anywhere you can!

Sorting Blends
This is a fun pocket chart activity to help your students sort the picture cards by their beginning blend. Each blend {l blends, r blends, and s blends} are different colors so they're easier to differentiate.

And of course, a couple printables for them to show what they know.

Lastly, I included the POP! game that is so popular in my other word work centers.

This is a fun 2-4 player game. Each kiddo can have their own playing card of they can work as a team. They will take turns picking a gumball letter from the bag and placing it in the correct spot on their board. If they can't use the letter, they will put it back and skip their turn. If they pick a POP card, they can take any letter from the other team. First team to build all their words wins! 

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