Monday, January 11, 2016

Take a Closer Look {January Math and Literacy Centers}

Happy 2016 friends! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! My husband and I had a lot of fun together sharing our exciting news with our friends and family! We can't wait for our baby to arrive in July!
My sweet friend Jessica from Elementary Nest is hosting a link-up for January products so I thought I would join in with one of my favorite January resources!
Here's a look at the literacy portion of my January Math and Literacy Centers! These centers cover skills from beginning sounds, CVC words, sight words, short vowel sounds and sentence building! I put these out in our literacy tubs and the kiddos choose which centers they want to do. You can read more about how I run my literacy centers {here}.

Marshmallow Match:
In this center, the students will practice reading their CVC words by matching the words on the marshmallows with the pictures on the hot chocolate.
I also made some beginning sound marshmallows for the kiddos who aren't quite ready for CVC words yet.

Then they complete the corresponding recording sheet {which I stick in write and wipe pockets or sheet protectors}.
 Colorful Mittens:
This is a fun way to practice sentence structure using sight words and color words. The kiddos build a sentence and then match the correct color mitten to the sentence.
To differentiate, I leave out several recording sheets to meet my students' needs. One of them requires the students to trace the sight words and color the mittens the correct color, another one has them write the sight words and color the mittens, while the last one has them write the whole sentence on their own.
Slippery Sight Words:
This center is to practice reading and matching sight words. They will match the penguins with the correct ice block, then write the words on the recording sheet.
Snowball Sort:
We're really working on identifying medial sounds in our CVC words! Vowel sounds sure are tough!! The kiddos will sort the snowballs into the right pail by listening to the middle sound.

The recording sheet has them write the correct vowel in each box. My fast finishers will use the words and write sentences on a whiteboard when they're done.
Roll, Read and Cover:
Roll the sight word dice, read the word on your mat and cover it up!

I used to make sight word dice from these templates...
but they never last long enough! I'm so glad I found kiddocubes! They make making dice games SO much easier!

Here's a look at the math centers included in my unit as well as a look at how I differentiate each center!

Scooping Snowballs:
This activity can be used to practice one-to-one correspondence by having your students scoop "snowballs" onto the mitten and count how many they scooped.

To differentiate, I also included a recording sheet for your students to identify the partners and the sum of the snowballs {you would just want to have them use two colors for manipulatives instead of several colors}

Cold Weather Counting:
Match the objects to the numbers 1-10.

To differentiate, have your students match the tally marks too!

Spinning Snowflakes:
Have your students spin the spinner {using a paperclip and pencil, or a spinner if you have one} and record the number of snowflakes they spun.

To differentiate, have your students spin the spinner twice and add the numbers together!

Or, spin the spinner and subtract from 10.

Cocoa Cover Up:
My students love to play these fun partner games. They can either practice adding with the dice together, or practice adding with number cubes. I made the number cubes from foam cubes I found at the Dollar Tree!

Slip n' Slide:
This is a fun activity to practice number order with numbers 1-20. After the kiddos put the penguins in order, they can use the recording sheet to trace the numbers 1-20.

To differentiate, have your students write the numbers on their own.

Before and After Boogie:
Using the penguin number cards, your kiddos can pick a penguin number and identify the numbers that come before and after it. They can use the recording sheet with the number line to help them.

Or, for more of a challenge, use a recording sheet with no number line!

Snowman Ten Frames:
Have your students match the numbers 1-10 to their ten frames.

Or, teen numbers if you're working on those!

I stick all of these centers in our math tubs and slide the recording sheets into write and wipe pockets {or sheet protectors}. This way my students can visit the centers more than one time, and we aren't wasting paper!

You can find all these centers in my TpT shop 20% off today and tomorrow!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Reflections of 2015 {linky party}

And just like that, 2015 is coming to a close! This sure was a year to remember! I am joining Kristin and Traci for our annual end of the year link up, but we've changed things around a bit this year! Instead of answering 15 questions about your year, you can share your top 10 memories from 2015. A fun way to reflect and look back at your year! If you want to link up with us, grab this button and add your link below!

Here are a few of my favorite memories from 2015:

In January, we got a new sectional and coffee table for our home!

In February, my favorite girls showered me with love for my wedding!

Then in April, we took a little girls trip to San Diego for a weekend. It was a lot of fun!

On April 11, I married the love of my life!
{see more wedding photos here!}

Then we went to Oahu, Hawaii for our honeymoon :)

In July, we went to Vegas for the TpT conference. I had fun presenting about Instagram and blogging and also enjoyed hanging with my friends!

Vegas kicked off our summer of travel! After a week there, we spent a week in Mammoth Mountain with Tom's family.
{yes, it was summer and yes we were freezing!}
Then Tom and I visited my sister in New York for a weekend, spent a week visiting my family in Israel and another week visiting friends in Spain. It sure was a busy, but super fun summer!

When we returned home, we were excited to pick up our new car!

Finally, in October, we added an adorable little goldendoodle named Rando to our family. Probably our favorite memory of the year :)
{8 weeks old and only 3 pounds!}

As always, the year proved to be amazing.  I can not wait to see what 2016 brings us! 
You can share your memories and link up with us here!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Read and Reveal {vowel teams}

One of my all time favorite resources I created for my guided reading groups last year was my Read and Reveal cards! I found that they were really struggling blending their CVC words together, so I added some visual reminders to the words. Dots under each sound to remind them to touch and say each sound, and an arrow under the whole word as a reminder to blend all the sounds together. Then the best part...the hidden picture under the flap to "reveal" the word they read! Here's a video of one of my cuties reading the CVC read and reveal cards {you can just hear the excitement in her voice when she reads it correctly :)}.

I found that these cards really helped my emerging readers, but I also found I could use them for my kiddos who were ready to learn new phonics patterns! I made a set for blends and digraphs that still incorporated the short vowel sounds as well as magic e words {complete with a magic wand!}

I have had these vowel teams Read and Reveal cards on my to-do list for almost a year! I'm so happy I finally had a chance to sit down and get them done! The vowel teams each have one dot under the team to remind my students that they two vowels work together to make ONE sound!

Choose a card...

Touch each phoneme...

Read the word and reveal the picture!

I'm so excited to show these to my little readers!

The new vowel team read and reveal cards have also been added to my Read & Reveal Bundle! If you previously purchased the bundle, you can re-download and grab the updates for free!

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