Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Write and Reveal!

My students have loved, loved, loved reading with our Read and Reveal cards, so I knew they would be hooked when I introduced Write and Reveal!
Just like Read and Reveal, the Write and Reveal cards have a hidden flap to make this center completely independent and self-correcting!
Choose a card:

Write the sounds on the line:

Open the flap to reveal the correct spelling!

The cards are laminated so the dry-erase marker can be erased after use and be used again and again!

You can also paper clip the flap closed and hole punch the cards together on a ring. This would be a great warm-up or writing station activity!


This set includes 120 short vowel words!
You can also grab the bundle for a huge discount as it grows! It will eventually include cards for blends/digraphs, magic e words, vowel teams and r-controlled vowels! For now, it includes the short vowel set listed above!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Read & Reveal *exclusive freebie*

Have you tried Read and Reveal in your classroom?

My students are absolutely rocking their reading with these cards!
 I stuck all the cards in a basket and set it out on the table during guided reading. My students take turns picking a card, reading the word and checking to see if they read it correctly. As an incentive, I told my kiddos they can keep the card in front of them if they read it right, but they have to put it back if they didn't blend the word correctly. This is a definite motivator!
 My students practice reading by touching each letter, saying each sound and then sliding their finger along the arrow to blend the sounds together.
 After reading the word, they unclip the clothespin to reveal the picture!
 They love this "game" and I can already see an improvement in their reading!

Another fun way to store the cards is on a ring like Lauren from A Teachable Teacher!

Along with the CVC words, we also are practicing beginning and ending blends, magic e words, vowel teams and r-controlled vowels!
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All of these Read and Reveal cards are also available in a money saving bundle!

PLUS...you get an EXCLUSIVE freebie!

When you purchase the Read and Reveal Bundle, you get Read and Reveal Letter Sounds too! This set is ONLY available in the bundle! These are perfect for practicing letter recognition and sounds at the beginning of the year!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

A Beautiful Baby Shower!

This past weekend, I was showered with so much love! My best friends and family threw me the most perfect baby shower! It was so beautiful, I just had to share all the details here!
First of all, just a tad bit obsessed with my floral dress from Pinkblush Maternity! We had a whole floral theme going on for the shower, so it was fun to match :) I also loved that it was cute and feminine, but not too pink! This dress was so comfortable and breathable. I will certainly wear it several more times before baby girl arrives (and most likely, even after!)
 {fabric scrap banner tutorial}
 The tables were so precious!
How cute are the plates!? Can you believe they were from the Dollar Tree!?
I also was *in love* with the hair bow napkins! So stinkin' cute!
{napkin bows tutorial
My sister-in-law made these adorable flower center pieces!
{lace table runner}
Each place setting also had a fun baby predictions paper for my guests to fill out. I made these to match the invitations and I LOVED reading them at the end of the night. Now we wait and see who predicted the closest ;) {p.s. We are due July 7th, so naturally we got a lot of July 4th guesses ;)}
{baby girl predictions ● baby boy predictionsgender neutral predictions}
My FAVORITE part of the shower was the headband station!
My good friends Lauren and Michelle put this together for me! 
Each guest was able to make headbands or hair bows super easily with this awesome DIY headband making kit from LuxeSupplyCo on Etsy.

{DIY headband station}
I love how baby girl now has tons of unique, handmade accessories that I will treasure forever!

We also had a journal set out for my guests to write their best wishes for mom-to-be. Loved reading all their sweet notes! Even though we already had the baby prediction papers, I couldn't resist the baby's birthday calendar when I saw it in the Target Dollar Spot. It'll be fun to use as a visual when the due date approaches!

I gave out cake pops as favors. We ordered them from CB Cake Pops. Not only
were they gorgeous, but they were delicious!! Some were filled with chocolate cake, and some with funfetti! Mmm!

As a little thank you to my amazing hosts, I made these fun little gifts with a note telling them they "toe"tally nailed it ;) #punny

It was such a fun baby shower and I will cherish all the memories forever!

Now the countdown to Baby Harts begins!!!