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Some things to share

After I got my job, my BFF helped me countless hours to set up my classroom. She is truly the best! I saw a stamp on DJ inkers and was inspired. I tied the card to a bag of Sweedish Fish :)

Then, for my other BFF, who also got her first teaching job (woohoo!) I told her I was "beary" proud of her and attached her card to her favorite candy, gummi bears!

 Last year, I got to work with one of the most amazing teachers ever, Miss Bagwell! She is such an inspiration to me. She was moving up north over the summer and I wanted to give her something to remember her students and how special she truly is. I had her Early Birds stamp their thumbprints with blue acrylic paint and shaped their thumbs into birds. Her Later Gators used green paint and two thumb prints to form the head of a gator. It turned out so cute!

 My brother got married this summer! The wedding was so much fun! My mom, sister and I helped with the centerpieces:

 I made that frame with a wooden frame from Michael's for $1 and hot glued some shells to it! They turned out really cute if I do say so myself!
I also made this card box for friends and family to put cards in at the Wedding:

And that was the last of my creativity! So now it's time to start again!


  1. It looks great! I love the Bagwell bag and the beary gift! Very cute! You should start a side business! Very cute!

  2. I have been trying to figure out the blogging and am soooo confused! It is frustrating but I want one!

  3. YAY my first follower! I tried to figure out how to add one of those cute backgrounds from that site Courtney showed you but it wouldn't work...


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