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Take Two!

I tried to start a blog already. I got through about a week of blogging, and then gave up. It wasn't for me, I thought. But I then realized it was what I was blogging about that I didn't enjoy. So after finding some new blogs to follow, I became quickly inspired.

I have also been craving some creativity. I haven't been able to be creative in several months (weird, being a kindergarten teacher and all) and it's been seeping through my veins! So I figured I would be more inclined to create if I had someone to share my creations with. So here we go, again...

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  1. You can do it! I started two before the one that I have now that I have finally had some success with. And even if you go back and look, I started it in July and then left it alone for a few months before starting again at the end of October or beginning of November!! Just write about what you like!


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