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Why I LOVE teaching!

Kids are my favorite thing in the world! Is that weird? They could honestly be doing the most annoying thing in the world and I'd think it was cute :) My students made me laugh and smile alll day today! They are seriously the cutest! And they are FINALLY in a routine! I don't even have to say anything anymore, they know exactly what to do!

One of my favorite things about teaching is helping my students cope with their anxiety issues. For some reason, I have a lot of students who are anxious! Usually because something didn't go the way they wanted it to (and I fully understand!). I know that they will have anxiety their whole life (hellllo!) so I really try to help them see that what they think is awful is really not that bad. When they look at me with those "you're right, it really isn't that bad" eyes I know that I've done my job!

Oh my gosh, and I just love when my students relate what we learn to their daily lives. Today in math we were talking about groups of numbers in a park scene and finding different groups of objects. After we found the group of 8 and talked about the partners of 8 one of my kiddos says "7 students and 1 teacher, we have 8 people!" I about fell out of my chair!!! I love it!!

And I love that I can wear outfits like this:

What a magnificent Monday! :)


  1. Goodness, ALL teachers should be like you!! The teachers I know are pretty miserable human beings, I kid you not. None of them seem to like children or their jobs, and it just makes me sad... mostly for the kids.

    Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog, by the way!! I sure appreciated it!! :)

  2. Thank you!! And of course, I love reading your blog!


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