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Lots of Stuff!

We've had such a busy last couple of weeks, full of fun activities that I have been dying to share! And, this blog is motivating me to take pictures of my students' work that I need for my credential portfolio! So it's a win-win!

One of my favorite teacher blogs is Mrs. Carroll's First Grade Parade. She thinks of the CUTEST activities for her class and SHARES her documents for teachers to download! How great is that?! I got this game from her blog and my kiddos absolutely loved it! After I told the kids that I found a game for them and showed them how to play, one girl says, "Miss Maor, how did you know we would like this game!?". Sooo cute! I got the little organizer on sale at Michaels a while ago and finally figured out what to use it for!

In math, we're working on teen numbers and groups of 10. We made equations and used stickers to show the ten's and the "extras".

I wish you could see how cute my kids really are, buuut you can't!

And finally, the cutest project of them all:
Shaving cream snowmen!
This activity was great! The kids loved the fact that they were creating with shaving cream (and laughed hysterically every time I squirted shaving cream on the paper plate. Oh the joys of being 5!) Plus, they turned out so cute!

One more week until Winter Break!!


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