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Picture Update

I am very proud of myself for remembering to take pictures! And I realized that I should have been doing this all along! So my new goal is to take pictures of all the activities we do.

Word Detective:
Here are the pictures from the word detective center I told you guys about...
Detective kit

Big books
Recording chart
 Break Apart Sticks:
The kids absolutely loved this! I can't tell you how many of them asked if they could take the wand home. Maybe I'll make them as Valentine's day gifts?

January Hand Art:
Each month, our class does a hand art activity. This is January's

Each project incorporates their hands in some way. At the end of the year, we put together a book of each month's art. It's fun to see their progress over the year :)



  1. cute! taking pics is so important!

  2. Love the hand art!!! And I totally recognize good ol' Math Expressions! We just did break apart stick stuff today, but I was boring and used a plain popsicle stick. :)


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