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Radio Reading

Before I started my student teaching, I completed my fieldwork hours observing my FAVORITE teacher ever. She was my second grade teacher and was the reason why I wanted to be a teacher; I absolutely loved her. When I went back to observe her I picked up so many great teaching ideas and strategies. One thing that I wanted to remember to do with my kids when I finally got a job was Radio Reading. During small group guided reading lessons, Mrs. Kormos had the students hold a marker up and pretend that they were broadcasting for a radio show. There enthusiasm was undeniable, so a few years back when I saw a play Hannah Montana microphone at an after-Halloween sale, I knew exactly what I needed it for! I bring to you: Radio Reading!


*Notice the highlighter sticks! They loved them!

I also introduced word detective in one of my literacy centers. The students had a detective "kit" with a pencil, post-its and a magnifying glass inside. They were searching through Big Books for words they could read, wrote them on a post-it and posted the words on a "Words We Know" chart.
Word Detective:
Detective kit

Big books
Recording chart


  1. Ok I LOVE "radio reading"! I will have to try that out in my room. I also adore the word detective bit. My problem is trusting my students to not ruin my big books. It's a problem in my life and I'm working on it.

    On you blog being hard to read... a little bit. It may just be the color of the font. Maybe if it were darker or larger.

    Ms. M

  2. Thanks darling! Okay, bear with me, I am attempting to change my blog layout!

  3. These ideas are amazing!! Can you please teach 7th grade history and tell me some equally exciting ideas to implement?! Also, I like the background.

  4. Thank you!! 7th grade history is definitely not my forte...but if I come across anything, I will let you know ;) I can't figure out how to make that picture smaller!!! grrrr

  5. such fantastic ideas! i love those highlighter stickers, I need to get some for my classroom!! :)

  6. I love the background and think it looks great!! Also LOVE LOVE LOVE radio reading!! Soooo stealing this from you!! xoxo

  7. So glad you joined my linky party! I love your blog and ideas! Makes me {sometimes} wish that I was back in primary!


  8. I love the Word Detective! I am planning for my students to be Word Sleuths this year and will definitely put together some of your wonderful detective kits! I will also try Radio Reading. ANYTHING to get my struggling second graders reading and to KEEP my Smarties reading, reading, reading... :)

    Thanks bunches for sharing!

    Melly <><

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