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Word Wands!

Today has been a pretty productive day! I went into school this morning to get ready for the week. Loved my long vacation, but I'm ready to get back to teaching the kiddos! After I worked in my room for a bit {the computers were down which is sooo frustrating!} I went to Learning Trails to find some new supplies for my class. But there was nothing there that caught my eye :( So I decided to make a trip to Target ;) Best Target trip ever! I'm not kidding, they were unloading new teacher supplies into the dollar bins as I was walking in! SO. MUCH. FUN! I found these super cute glitter pom-poms and made Word Wands for my class. I've seen so many cute pointers on First Grader at Last and Once Upon a Time in 1st Grade so thought I'd try my hand at my own.

50 pom-poms for $1 and I used chop-stix as the handles. 12 wands cost me 24 cents!! And they are so cute.

I plan on having my students use them during Read the Room to point to the words they are reading. Hope they hold up!


  1. I've never taken a fitness class before, but you make it sound so fun! Great tip!!

  2. these are so cute! my students would love them!! :)

  3. Love the word wands!!! Can't wait to implement this idea into my own classroom one day!

  4. great tis...thanks for sharing!

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  5. I love the wands! Such a cute idea!!! Are the pom-poms the small one or the bigger ones??? Thanks for sharing your creative ideas!


  6. Hi Amy, the pom-poms are small, about the diameter of a nickel, but any size will work! I made some more cute pointers today, I will post them soon. Thanks for checking out my blog :)


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