February 2011 - Miss Kindergarten

My Favorite Things!

First off, I am SOOO tired, so if this post has errors, sorry in advance! Really I should just take a shower and go to sleep now {even though, it's 5:23} but I'll stop being an old grandma and at least stay up until 8:30!

{{My favorite things!}}

Fortune Cookies!

Dryer lint {I've already gotten some weird reactions from this one, but seriously, I love it!}


bargain shopping, in general
{and Melissa Rycroft! how much do I love The Bachelor!?}

using coupons



my blackberry {it's actually not my favorite and I'd MUCH rather have an iPhone especially since Verizon supports them now but really it's the last thing I need so I just have to pretend to like my blackberry, which is actually a blueberry ;)}

my pillow and my bed!

my kitty, Olivia


game shows!

cleaning {only when it benefits me though, is that mean??}

crafiing and creating!

and of course...blogging!

I'm sure there are a lot more things out that I love that I forgot about...sorry things if I forgot to mention you!


Nothing to Sneeze At...

So I've had these empty cube-shaped tissue boxes for a while and I just couldn't bear to throw them away {am I turning into my mom??}. I thought they would be perfect to make into dice and incorporate them into my classroom somehow.

I decided to paste {and by paste, I mean use A LOT of tape! maybe I will get better at making it look prettier as I go...} some brain words {our school's version of high frequency words} and have the students use them during a writing center. The idea is to have them roll the dice and write a sentence with the brain word they landed on. My only concern is that the tissue box will make a lot of noise when rolled on the table and distract the other learners :/ this may have to be a clipboard on the carpet center...we'll see though!

Here is how I made them:

Start with an empty square-ish tissue box and stuff it with newspaper:

Wrap the tissue box with paper or gift wrap. I used a brown paper bag {this project is all about re-using!}, cut it in half along the inside seam and turned it face up so that the plain side is facing out.

Then I printed out the 6 brain words I wanted to include and glued them onto each face of the box.

Before I made these, I was looking through my Scholastic Toss & Learn Science games to find something to incorporate into our Great Body Shop Nutrition lesson. I found this really great Food-Group Pyramid puzzle and thought it would be fun to make. The funny thing was that the author suggested using a tissue box to make a game cube! Perfect!
{this was definitely a screen shot! go me!}
After the kiddos cut out the puzzle pieces, I will have volunteers come up to the front and roll the food cube.

The food group on the top of the cube indicates which puzzle piece the player will arrange on their pyramid shape. I folded a 9"x12" paper in half and decided not to cut the paper so that it can stand or we can add something else in the inside flap. I traced the frame of the puzzle to help my not-so-spatial learners figure out the correct place for the puzzle piece.

I am planning on doing this whole group first so that each kid can make his/her own puzzle, and then maybe laminate the puzzle pieces and use them as an independent or group center in the future. I think I will also have the kids color their food pyramid another day, and possibly add some writing to the inside of the construction paper.

Total cost of both projects= $0!!!
{well, I guess the $1 I spent on the Toss & Learn book sorta counts}

Total time= Maybe an hour? I did it on and off all day in between lunch, walking around the neighborhood with Tom, and helping him harvest the fruit in his parents' backyard :)

I love days "off"...;)

It's going around!

I seriously have 10 blog posts in a row from all the wonderful bloggers out there receiving the Stylish Blogger Award. So I was really surprised when Megan from coffeyhouse awarded me, me, the award! This is also a kindergarten teacher and seriously has the cutest blog. So honored :)

Here are the rules for receiving this award:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 5 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

7 things about myself:
1. I constantly have too long of a to-do list, and "sit on blogger for hours finding awesome blogs and ideas for your class" is NEVER on the list...yet here I am!
2. I was born in Israel and haven't been back in over 10 years :( I am hoping to go on a Birthright trip and visit for free before I'm too old to qualify!
3. I make my bed right before I get in it to sleep at night...
4. I love having DVR, but sometimes it can get the best of me. I seriously can sit for hours and watch TV if I don't force myself to get up and do something productive.

5. I blame it on English being my second language {even though I learned English when I was 4 ;)} but I always have the hardest time with words! I can never remember the word I want to use and more often than not use a word incorrectly :/

6. I give my sister relationship advice based on what I see on The Bachelor ;) {she doesn't appreciate it!}

7. I think of really good blog posts when I'm not at my computer, and then can never remember them when I finally  have time to post something!

Here are some of my favorite blogs to read:


Whiteboards, everywhere!

Inspiration for the day: Whiteboard holder!

Whiteboards have got to be one of the best classroom tools! The students can practice their skills, erase and start over! All without wasting any paper! I'm definitely all about saving the environment! This is what my whiteboards, markers and erasers always look like:
A great big mess! {okay, not that big of a mess, but for a clean freak, pretty messy!}

The amazing Ladybug over at Ladybug's Teacher Files had this amazing idea! If you noticed, I liked it back in January! Well I've finally gotten around to creating my own!

I found the magazine file in the dollar section {at Target...duh!} and spent about 5 minutes figuring out how to put it together! {let's hope that baby holds up!} I glue-gunned the basket to the top to hold markers and erasers and then spent the next five minutes googling "how to get glue-gun glue out of your clothes". Yes, that did happen! I'm proud of my new contraption though. Let's see if it works.

Tabletop Organizer

Inspiration for the day: Tabletop Organizer!

I saw this post on A Bowl Full of Lemons and absolutely loved the idea of reorganizing my "go to" section on my teacher desk.

I got the filing basket at Target and it came with super cute file dividers!

I labeled the dividers with the 5 different piles that always seemed to be on my desk!
1. To Copy
2. To Do
3. To File
4. To Send Home
5. Next week

On the front, I added my weekly plans. I attached the plans to rings so that I can easily access future weeks and then clipped the plans onto the front of the filing basket so that I can easily remove it for planning days or when I need to add or change something. {Easily seems to be my theme here!}

Then I printed out the adorable Teacher To Do list that Michelle at Fabulous in First shared, glued it onto pink polka dot paper and laminated it. I wrote on it with a wet erase marker (vis-a-vis) so that I can easily erase my to-do list when it's to-done!

I am so excited about my new organization tool! I've already put it to use! Now I just have to figure out how to get it from the files to the proper place...

My Valentine {heart}

My Valentine Day {days actually} were more than I could have asked for! The celebration started off on Sunday with a backyard lunch at my parents' house. My boyfriend brought over these gorgeous roses and I baked some crafty brownies.

After lunch, Tom and I went back to his neck of the woods. We walked up the hill behind his house and watched the sunset. It was so romantic!

Had to do the cliche picture!
Then we went to Yardhouse for dinner and fell asleep before midnight like the old couple that we are...

Monday morning I cooked a Valentine's Day breakfast for my love. Heart shaped toast and strawberries and all! After breakfast we walked down to the sand and to play in the rocks.

 I definitely had a "scare the pants off of me" moment when we were crawling through a "cave" and a bird decided to fly out right above our heads! I swear it was a bat! Probably because I watch too much of this:

Click ahead to 3:00

Does it make me less of a person that I wore the same shirt 2 days in a row?? Tom didn't even notice! When I got dressed in the morning Tom said, "cute outfit" {he was probably distracted by the shorts!}