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DIY: Holiday Gift Bags
The glue gun made an appearance again! I tried my hand at some holiday gift bags and I really liked how they turned out, so I though I'd share with my readers!
I started with a plain paper gift bag. I bought a set of 5 at Big Lots for $2.50!

Next, I cut a piece of Valentine ribbon a little longer than the width of the bag. {The ribbon was already on Valentine's clearance at Michael's for 99 cents...before Valentine's day?? Who knows!} I only put ribbon on one side of the bag because I'm cheap frugal and wanted to save ribbon, but you could easily wrap both sides. Just make sure you use two pieces and have them meet in the crease on the side of the bag.

Hot glue the ribbon onto the bag.

To add a bow, cut another piece of ribbon and shape it into a circle. Glue down one side of the ribbon to the middle of the ribbon on the bag, glue the other side of the ribbon down on top of that and then push the circle down to create a bow.


I actually used these bags to give birthday gifts. This one says Kiss Your Brain a la Porter's Polka Dots but clearly not as cute!

A take on Power Pellets

I also added a train whistle to their gifts {which works if all of your friends are teachers, or 4 years old ;)} and I somehow ended up with an extra train whistle!

**Click HERE to read how to use the train whistle in your classroom!**

So I've decided to give away the train whistle to one of my readers! To enter, tell me about your favorite attention getter that you use in your classroom! Giveaway will end next Monday, Feb 14 {the best day ever! I will give you another entry if you know why!}

On another note, I watched No Strings Attached with my BFF Ashley this weekend for her birthday. {Yes, one of those gifts was for her!} Anyway, the movie was pretty good. But all I could do the whole time was (a.) think about how gorgeous Natalie Portman's hair is and (b.) how can I get my hair to look like that!?


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  1. I love the train whistle idea! I've never heard of that before. I'd love to try it! My go-to is ringing a bell for transitions. It never fails. I also like to sing a song and have my kids finish it too.

    I thought the same thing about her hair! She needs to share her secrets!


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