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Farm Field Trip

Today was our field trip to the farm. SO.MUCH.FUN! I absolutely love animals! And thank goodness I was with 90 five-year olds because the "look at that weedle little baby animal, its soooo cute" voice definitely came out a lot and it was okay! We got to see baby pigs {or piglegs as one of my students called them! LOL! I'll try to post the video so you can hear the hilariousness}, and lots of cows, sheep and goats. We also got to hold baby chicks! It was a lot, a lot of fun! :)

Also, I found today that I'm not really quick on my feet. I usually need a couple days to think about something before coming up with a really good answer. So when La Mia Vita posted this post about teachers who blog I answered the questions very vaguely. Then this morning, my funny teacher stories finally came to me! Six days later... At any rate, I wanted to share 'cause I think they're funny :)

#1: I was just finishing teaching a reading lesson in first grade. I gave all the kids in my group a sticker and one of the stickers said "great job!" The little girl turned to her friend and said "Look! Mine says 'get a job'!" HAHAHHA! I just about died laughing!

#2: After school one day, one of my old first grade students walked by. I asked her how third grade was going and she said "Great! We have a student teacher who's learning to be a substitute teacher" HAHAHAH! She definitely hit the nail on the head with that comment!

Do you have any funny teacher stories?? It's okay if you need 6 days to think about it like me ;)


  1. I was subbing for a 2nd grade class and teaching about Natural Resources. We were doing a worksheet together and for one of the questions the students had to write down one way that people use wind. So I asked the class what are some ways that we use the wind to help us, and one girl raised her hand and said, "To blow the garbage out of our yard." Ummmmm.... :)

  2. i love animals, so this looks like a fun field trip! throw in some funny five year olds, and it sounds like a blast!

    hadar- i would love for you to do a guest post! just email me- 88babs[at]gmail[dot]com

  3. seriously cryyyyyyying I'm laughing so hard at that first story and oh how true is that last one. feels like its the story of my life right now!

  4. Soooo funny! Aren't kinders the best? They always make you smile! I just stumbled on your farm post since we are going to the farm next week, and I thought I would share one of my funny moments with you - Once, my kinders came back early from music (my prep time) and I was still in the staff room. When I got back, they wanted to know where I was, so I said "I was in the staff room doing some work" and one lil guy asked "What's the staff room?" and a lil girl piped up "The staff room is where the teachers get ALLLLLL that coffee." Cracked me up!


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