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My Favorite Things!

First off, I am SOOO tired, so if this post has errors, sorry in advance! Really I should just take a shower and go to sleep now {even though, it's 5:23} but I'll stop being an old grandma and at least stay up until 8:30!

{{My favorite things!}}

Fortune Cookies!

Dryer lint {I've already gotten some weird reactions from this one, but seriously, I love it!}


bargain shopping, in general
{and Melissa Rycroft! how much do I love The Bachelor!?}

using coupons



my blackberry {it's actually not my favorite and I'd MUCH rather have an iPhone especially since Verizon supports them now but really it's the last thing I need so I just have to pretend to like my blackberry, which is actually a blueberry ;)}

my pillow and my bed!

my kitty, Olivia


game shows!

cleaning {only when it benefits me though, is that mean??}

crafiing and creating!

and of course...blogging!

I'm sure there are a lot more things out that I love that I forgot about...sorry things if I forgot to mention you!


  1. First, I am a shoe addict! I have a closet just for my shoes! I am also a closet Jeopardy watcher. I think I could give Ken Jennings a run for his money. :)


  2. Oh don't feel bad about the lint. I completely understand. I like how soft & warm it is right out of the dryer.

    Ms. M

  3. I love shopping too! Let's go bargain shopping girl!

  4. So true about a bed and pillow. Nothing like your own bed and pillow :)


  5. Hadar!! You can comment on my blog all it weird that would make my day? HAH! Opening my email and seeing comments from people is like Christmas! Anyways...Olivia is precious!! How many cats do you have, just her? They do kinda' look alike..Henry is a rescue Kitty but we are sure he has atleast part Maincoon in him. Ohh...and bargain shopping..I am RIGHT THERE..I dont buy anything (almost) unless it's on sale...I am clothes clearance junkie. Anyways...I am thankful to have you following. I hope we can keep in touch! <3

    2nd Grade Paradise


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