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My Valentine {heart}

My Valentine Day {days actually} were more than I could have asked for! The celebration started off on Sunday with a backyard lunch at my parents' house. My boyfriend brought over these gorgeous roses and I baked some crafty brownies.

After lunch, Tom and I went back to his neck of the woods. We walked up the hill behind his house and watched the sunset. It was so romantic!

Had to do the cliche picture!
Then we went to Yardhouse for dinner and fell asleep before midnight like the old couple that we are...

Monday morning I cooked a Valentine's Day breakfast for my love. Heart shaped toast and strawberries and all! After breakfast we walked down to the sand and to play in the rocks.

 I definitely had a "scare the pants off of me" moment when we were crawling through a "cave" and a bird decided to fly out right above our heads! I swear it was a bat! Probably because I watch too much of this:

Click ahead to 3:00

Does it make me less of a person that I wore the same shirt 2 days in a row?? Tom didn't even notice! When I got dressed in the morning Tom said, "cute outfit" {he was probably distracted by the shorts!}

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  1. Love the look on the brownies! I am already a follower! Thanks fo rparticipating in the Blog Hop today!


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