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Nothing to Sneeze At...

So I've had these empty cube-shaped tissue boxes for a while and I just couldn't bear to throw them away {am I turning into my mom??}. I thought they would be perfect to make into dice and incorporate them into my classroom somehow.

I decided to paste {and by paste, I mean use A LOT of tape! maybe I will get better at making it look prettier as I go...} some brain words {our school's version of high frequency words} and have the students use them during a writing center. The idea is to have them roll the dice and write a sentence with the brain word they landed on. My only concern is that the tissue box will make a lot of noise when rolled on the table and distract the other learners :/ this may have to be a clipboard on the carpet center...we'll see though!

Here is how I made them:

Start with an empty square-ish tissue box and stuff it with newspaper:

Wrap the tissue box with paper or gift wrap. I used a brown paper bag {this project is all about re-using!}, cut it in half along the inside seam and turned it face up so that the plain side is facing out.

Then I printed out the 6 brain words I wanted to include and glued them onto each face of the box.

Before I made these, I was looking through my Scholastic Toss & Learn Science games to find something to incorporate into our Great Body Shop Nutrition lesson. I found this really great Food-Group Pyramid puzzle and thought it would be fun to make. The funny thing was that the author suggested using a tissue box to make a game cube! Perfect!
{this was definitely a screen shot! go me!}
After the kiddos cut out the puzzle pieces, I will have volunteers come up to the front and roll the food cube.

The food group on the top of the cube indicates which puzzle piece the player will arrange on their pyramid shape. I folded a 9"x12" paper in half and decided not to cut the paper so that it can stand or we can add something else in the inside flap. I traced the frame of the puzzle to help my not-so-spatial learners figure out the correct place for the puzzle piece.

I am planning on doing this whole group first so that each kid can make his/her own puzzle, and then maybe laminate the puzzle pieces and use them as an independent or group center in the future. I think I will also have the kids color their food pyramid another day, and possibly add some writing to the inside of the construction paper.

Total cost of both projects= $0!!!
{well, I guess the $1 I spent on the Toss & Learn book sorta counts}

Total time= Maybe an hour? I did it on and off all day in between lunch, walking around the neighborhood with Tom, and helping him harvest the fruit in his parents' backyard :)

I love days "off"...;)


  1. I love this idea! I was just trying to think of something new for my writing center! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. LOVE it. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I love this idea. I too have a couple of tissue boxes that I didn't know what to do with, but didn't want to get ride of ( I am totally turning into my mother...haha) now I can think of a few things I want to make a dice for...THANKS!

    First Grade Serenade

  4. i've used tissue boxes as dice before! they're great for the little ones since they don't require fine motor skills. i use them in therapy to teach social skills. on the sides i have "how, when, what, where, who, and why," and they take turns constructing a conversation about a topic using the words as prompts. it works beautifully!

  5. so great! I love thrifty fun classroom projects! I actually did something similar to this, but not with a tissue box, with different shapes on each side, and then they graphed the shapes and answered questions with comparing numbers...the kids LOVED it!!

    Thanks for linking to "20 Below Thursday"! :)

  6. I always use the tissue boxes for dice in my class. We spell words using one with the word family and the other some consonants. I never buy dice only tissue boxes. We put pictures of exercises on one and the other has number of times to do the exercise. I love square tissue boxes as mailboxes for the kids cubbies. So many uses for a recycling project. Great decorated and used for storing also! Oh the use you can find!


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