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Today was our 100th day of school! We had fun hundreds themed centers but I took NO pictures! And I realized today, while I wanted to take pictures, that I can not take pictures of my students while they are working because they literally would stop functioning! What is the deal!? Anyway, I will just tell you what we did...

  • We read the book 100 Wacky Wishes which I got for $1 off of the Scholastic Dollar Days website! {woot woot!}
  • We stamped our thumb print 100 times {that was good and messy!}
  • Our students brought in 100 "things" and we practice counting them in different ways, by 1's, 10's 5's and made them into fun shapes
  • We also incorporated Groundhog's day into our centers. 

Tomorrow we are going on our field trip to the farm and Friday we are celebrating Chinese New Year. 100 days down...77 to go!!

P.S. I am so excited about all of my page views today!!! I think I had more today than I've had my entire blogging career! And I also have 31 followers now! Woohoo!! :)


My mom made a new apron!

Visit her Etsy shop for others :)

Also, is it totally inappropriate to quit my job so that I can catch up on my blog roll!? I have NEVER felt so behind! Jeeze!


  1. Love your apron, so cute! It reminds me of some of the cute aprons I see on 'Cupcake Wars'...love that show!

  2. Hi!! Thanks so much for your nice comment on my blog. I'm your newest follower! :) As you know, I teach K in Kansas and am a 2nd year teacher. I look forward to hearing more from you!

    We're on day 3 of snow days so our 100th day is moved to Monday- blah.


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