What I'm Loving Wednesday - Miss Kindergarten

What I'm Loving Wednesday

*I'm loving that this weekend is a 3-DAY WEEKEND!!

*I'm loving this cookbook that my mom brought me from her school {even if it is for children! it'll only be easier to bake ;)}

*I'm loving that we didn't have a staff meeting today so I got to go home early and read blogs!

*I'm loving that my personal 30-for-30 challenge of not buying clothes for 30 days is already 9 days strong!

*I'm loving this amazing math website that Mrs. Patton posted

*I'm loving the new sticker organization that I'm creating for my classroom

*I'm loving how adorable Abby looks with her new apron ;)

*I'm loving that I get to spend Valentine's day with the best boyfriend in the whole world!

*I'm loving my life :D


  1. that book looks awesome! I love cook books for kids...so fun :)

  2. That's good that your personal 30 for 30 is going well. Also, congrats on getting so much attention for the highlighter sticks. You have such great teaching ideas; I just wish they were things I could use with middle schoolers. :)


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