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Whiteboards, everywhere!

Inspiration for the day: Whiteboard holder!

Whiteboards have got to be one of the best classroom tools! The students can practice their skills, erase and start over! All without wasting any paper! I'm definitely all about saving the environment! This is what my whiteboards, markers and erasers always look like:
A great big mess! {okay, not that big of a mess, but for a clean freak, pretty messy!}

The amazing Ladybug over at Ladybug's Teacher Files had this amazing idea! If you noticed, I liked it back in January! Well I've finally gotten around to creating my own!

I found the magazine file in the dollar section {at Target...duh!} and spent about 5 minutes figuring out how to put it together! {let's hope that baby holds up!} I glue-gunned the basket to the top to hold markers and erasers and then spent the next five minutes googling "how to get glue-gun glue out of your clothes". Yes, that did happen! I'm proud of my new contraption though. Let's see if it works.


  1. Where did you get those little erasers? Those are cool!
    Great organization. :)


  2. this is a cute idea. we use our white boards alot too..

  3. Hey Hadar, thanks for linking me! I love how yours came out! The basket holds a nice amount of things! I'm thinking of making more over the summer because, like you said, I have whiteboards everywhere!! I would like to have a set over by our reading area too...but that's a summer project I think.

    Have a nice Friday! :)

  4. Your blog is amazing. Can you please move up and start teaching middle school and then continue posting amazing ideas like these? I read your blog wishing that I could use your ideas!! Do you follow any middle school blogs?? Soo cool!

  5. Dear One of my Favorite Bloggers, :)

    I love reading your blog and I want to present you with the Sylish Blogger Award. I hope you will accept because you deserve it!

    PS: How do you do your cute font on your blog?

    Check it out!

  6. Hi, I just found your blog...you have tons of GREAT organizing ideas. I use SOCKS in my classroom for erasers! I bought a cheap set of kids socks and stick a marker in each one, then I just hand out a sock to each kiddo. As an added bonus there is no "squabbling"about who get's what color because they can't see the markers. Keep blogging!

  7. Love this idea! Pinned it! :)

  8. love it!! we use carpet scraps that I cut into little squares for our erasers.

  9. Love your creative whiteboard holder! Thanks for a great and inexpensive idea! I can see this for several uses!

  10. black mens socks work great to erase! they can be washed when they get too dirty. I keep the markers inside the socks and the socks inside zipper pencil pouches:)


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