March 2011 - Miss Kindergarten

Short e word famillies

Check out Lettering Delights Two For Tuesday deal before it's too late! I got these amazing egg hunt alphabets and egg hunt graphics bundle for $1!!! Can't beat that!

I made this word family sort for my kiddos to have for after break. We are FINALLY moving on to the short e vowel sounds! Jeeze, it's about time!

Graphics and Fonts by Lettering Delights and DJ Inkers


Classroom Books

Last week, I posted the classroom book I made out of our St. Patrick's Day math work, and got several requests to post more class books. You guys are just so sweet! I love that people actually care about what I do with my students :)

So here are some examples of our class books that I have made:


This one is my FAVORITE! Not only because of the clipart kids from the fabulous Mrs. Walsky {and isn't it the cutest thing you've ever seen!?!?} But because I love that my students are so kind :) Our school is introducing a  new Anti-bullying curriculum and each grade level is incorporating grade-level appropriate lessons. Kinder did lessons on kind words and un-kind words and then we wrote about being kind :)

All of the fonts I used for these 3 books come from Lettering Delights!


This one is kind of hard to see. Sorry about that! The kids traced their fingers to show a 5-group and extras to make the number.

This was an adjective lesson that I did with my class after we completed our science unit on trees {so exciting...} We brainstormed adjectives about trees, then I gave them the sentence starter "My tree is _____ and _____." They chose 2 adjectives and then drew a picture to match.

Please let me know what you guys think! I love the feedback!!



*I'm loving that in just 2 long short days I will be on my 3-week spring break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*I'm loving my list of crafts, projects and activities that I will finally have time to create over break!!

*I'm loving the warm weather!

*I'm loving that Borders is having a going out of business sale {well not loving that they're going out of business, but the sale part is pretty nice} and that I got 3 nice books for $3 after using the boyfriend's Borders giftcard!

*I'm loving the Spring Break activities list that I am sending home with my kiddos tomorrow.

*I'm loving that 8 of our Kindergartners were sent home with lice today...NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reward Incentives

A couple of weeks ago, I made one of my kiddos a gumball reward chart to encourage her positive behavior. It didn't work very well, but that's beside the point! A couple other girls kept asking me when they were going to get their gumball chart! Well they definitely don't need one, but I wanted to make them something to encourage them and praise their positive behavior that they always show. So I made these mini gumball cards using my free Lettering Delights clipart, to give to my students when I catch them doing something good!

Click on the gumball machine for the download


Because it's Sunday, and I can!

Getting to know me hosted by
1. what inspires you?
    seeing how creative other people are! I love getting ideas from others! When I see something that someone created I am so inspired to create my own :)

2. what was the alst thing you bought yourself?
     I have been so, so, so good about not buying myself things! {clothes, shoes and accessories wise anyway} The last thing I bought myself was a pair of shoes from Target {and it was the first thing I bought myself in almost 2 months! unless you count the running shoes I bought at the beginning of the month, but I don't because those are a necessity! and I'm definitely not counting classroom supplies/craft supplies! okay, maybe I'm not as good about saving money as I presumed...}

3. would you rather watch a movie in a theater or from the comfort of your own home?
   I've always been a at home movie watcher type of person. I think it's because I can ask questions during the movie and only 1 person {as opposed to lots} can get mad at me!

4. household chore you don't mind doing?
   I actually enjoy doing chores. I like washing dishes, doing the laundry, vacuuming and dusting. BUT I do not like taking out the trash!!

5. coffee or tea?
    I'll drink a little of both ;)

6. what could you eat every day and not get sick of?
   Fruit! I could literally eat 5 tangerines a day {and I have} and grapes, strawberries, bananas, mmmmm

7. what's the last book you read?
    I read The Grand Finale by Janet Evanovich. It was really good! Then I tried reading What I Did for Love by Susan Phillips and I couldn't get past page 6. Looks like a trip to the Friends of the Library is needed!

8. do you think you look your age?
    I think I do! But nobody else does. I'm turning 27 and everyone still thinks I'm maaaybe 20. At least sometimes I don't get carded when I buy wine at the grocery store! sometimes

Daily Organization

Organizing is probably one of my most favorite things! When I got hired at my school this year, I was about 50% super excited about getting a teaching job, and the other 50% superrrr excited about cleaning and organizing my classroom! I have thought, on several occasions, about becoming a professional organizer. Maybe later in my life...

So onto Daily Materials Organization as hosted by Mrs. Patton at

Like many of my teacher friends, I use this M-F tubs
I actually got mine in the Target Dollar Spot at the beginning of the year for $2.50 a piece {bargain shopping is my next favorite after organizing!} So they didn't come with labels or file folders like the awesome Lakeshore ones. I made my own labels out of name-tag stickers {and just noticed the other day that I didn't organize them in rainbow order! haha whoops} and made files out of laminated construction paper.

As for organizing for the following week's material, I don't actually do this because I share materials with my co-teacher. In her room, she has the same Lakeshore M-F tubs. Hers came with 3 different file folders for each day. She organizes her material for one week in the blue folders, the following week in the green folders, and the 3rd week in the yellow folders. It's really helpful to have all of the materials ready for 3 weeks and in the same place! I will definitely do this when I'm no longer co-teaching!

Chalkboard Trays!

Last week, Hannah from Young and Crafty shared this tray re-do and I fell in love! I knew that I wanted to somehow use it in my classroom, but I didn't quite know how. While I was at the dollar store I picked up 4 of these trays and walked around the store until the ideas came to me!

I decided I would use these trays to help students build CVC words and use them to make math problems!

I spray painted the trays with chalkboard paint {which is so stinkin' cool!} and let it dry over night.
Then I tested my chalk on it. It is so cool how it works!

For math, I'm going to have the students put manipulatives in the different parts of the tray so that they can visually see the partners in the math sentence.

Thanks for the great idea Hannah!

UPDATE! Thank to Melissa for sharing this idea from Teacher Tipster .coooom {who else always has that jingle in their head!?}

March Showers bring Math Flowers!

So the rain continues! Luckily it just rained last night and not at all during the school-day today, but we shall see about tomorrow!

My kids made math flowers today!

I saw these adorable fact family flowers on Mrs. Thiessen's blog and adapted it to fit the needs of my kinders. We're just starting to learn about adding and number partners. I made three different flowers and left a box for the missing partner on each number sentence. Then I copied the flowers onto colored paper.

We talked about how to find missing partners using mental math if we already knew the answer, using our fingers to help count on, or using pattern blocks and break apart sticks, like we used in this post.

I think they turned out so cute and bring some much needed color to my now bare walls!

And then I made this cute poster with my new obsessions, Lettering Delights, to put with my rainy day games in case it decides to rain again tomorrow...

Tomorrow I'm going to show you what I did with these Dollar Tree trays!

"We're Famous!"

Last week we created math story problems for St. Patrick's Day. I collected all of the kids' worksheets and put them together as a book.

"I like being lukee" hahah I die!
Throughout the year, I make little books like these and then just stash them away in my files for Open House. Well I decided to put this book in our St. Patrick's Day book basket so that the kiddos could see their work in action.

The first boy who saw the book in the basket took it out and exclaimed, "HEY! this is our book! WE'RE FAMOUS!" It was the cutest thing ever. I think I will put all of their books out now :)

Word Families... Spring Style!

Happy Spring everyone! We rang in the new season with lots of rain and wind! Just what us Californian's enjoy the most! 

Well since the weather is so depressing, I needed something to brighten up my day in the classroom. Easter eggs and cute Lettering Delights graphics did just the trick!

My mom has been using this Easter egg idea for years. The kids twist half of the egg so that the beginning sound moves and they read all of the word families on the egg. The paper police is after us at school, so I just made 4 copies of the record sheet and stuck it in sheet protectors so that the kids can write with dry-erase markers and then it can be used again.

Click on the pictures for a copy of the record sheet and "answer key". 

Also, Kristin from Little Miss Glamour made some higher-level words for you to use as well! Check them out here.

Cutest fonts and graphics!

O.M.G. is all I have to say! Laura, from The Grade Two Zoo just posted about the cutest fonts and clipart website ever! I spent a good 40 minutes looking at all of the fonts and graphics, which are currently on sale for ONE DOLLAR! It is soo stinkin' cute! Check it out!

p.s. thanks Ladybug for teaching me how to add a direct link to a picture!! {that was the easiest thing ever! haha!}

Thankful :)

All day today I kept thinking it was Friday, and even though it's not Friday, I am so thankful that tomorrow is! I'm also thankful for my job. As stressful and trying as it is some days, I could not ask for a better job. I have 34 people who absolutely adore me and will do anything for me. It is the best feeling in the world :) I am also thankful that I work with the best team of teachers ever! We had our planning meeting today and spent an hour just talking about things. They are awesome! I'm also thankful that I'm done assessing 2 of my students and they both did really well. So proud of them! Finally, I am thankful for Spring Break in 2 weeks! It'll be a little preview of summer!


Link up with Jamie for the ushe {short for usual...there's no way to type it!}

*I'm loving that 90 people follow my blog! holy-moly, I remember being excited about 10!

*I'm loving that I forced myself to go to the gym even though all I really wanted to do was sit around and watch TV, but now I feel good!

*I'm loving that I went to CVS to pick up my prescriptions and they actually had them and they actually had them ready!

*I'm loving that I applied to teach summer school today! {am I crazy!?}

*I'm loving that we get to celebrate St. Patrick's Day at school tomorrow, that we have a short day, that we have a carnival to celebrate all of our hard work with Team Kids and that I have my birthright interview at noon! Tomorrow is a good day!

*I'm loving my life! :)

My Classroom

Mrs. Ibarra at Always First Grade is hosting a linky party to share classroom photos. Here are some photos of my classroom from the beginning of the school year.

This was the classroom I walked into! None of that was mine! {Good and bad! I am so lucky that I started my first year teaching with such a wealth of supplies, but it was hard work going through someone else's belongings and throw some things away!}

Super excited to get started!
My math wall and calendar wall
My one and only whiteboard! And the old location of my computer. It is now conveniently located on my desk {finally!} The white shelves was a hand-me-down from one of my BFFs. It was a book shelf that I turned sideways. I so crafty!

My very own teacher desk!
This is my favorite part of my room :) I also put up my kiddo's pictures in the middle of the bulletin boards, it is so cute!

My teaching table. The bulletin board in the back has our "brain" words and is the focus wall for our reading themes.

LOVE those organizer drawers!
My most favorite way to hang up class work...paperclips!

My room :)

Also, check out the giveaway at First Grade Fun
I seriously just learned about Dr. Jean and think she is uh-mazing! On Friday, I introduced her hocus pocus chant to my class. I said "hocus pocus" and waved a pretend wand and the children responded with "everybody focus" as they used their fingers to make focus glasses around their eyes. It worked like a charm!

I also taught them "hips and lips" as we walked to the computer lab. With one hand on their hip and one finger on their lips, it was the quietest they had EVER been!