Because it's Sunday, and I can! - Miss Kindergarten

Because it's Sunday, and I can!

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1. what inspires you?
    seeing how creative other people are! I love getting ideas from others! When I see something that someone created I am so inspired to create my own :)

2. what was the alst thing you bought yourself?
     I have been so, so, so good about not buying myself things! {clothes, shoes and accessories wise anyway} The last thing I bought myself was a pair of shoes from Target {and it was the first thing I bought myself in almost 2 months! unless you count the running shoes I bought at the beginning of the month, but I don't because those are a necessity! and I'm definitely not counting classroom supplies/craft supplies! okay, maybe I'm not as good about saving money as I presumed...}

3. would you rather watch a movie in a theater or from the comfort of your own home?
   I've always been a at home movie watcher type of person. I think it's because I can ask questions during the movie and only 1 person {as opposed to lots} can get mad at me!

4. household chore you don't mind doing?
   I actually enjoy doing chores. I like washing dishes, doing the laundry, vacuuming and dusting. BUT I do not like taking out the trash!!

5. coffee or tea?
    I'll drink a little of both ;)

6. what could you eat every day and not get sick of?
   Fruit! I could literally eat 5 tangerines a day {and I have} and grapes, strawberries, bananas, mmmmm

7. what's the last book you read?
    I read The Grand Finale by Janet Evanovich. It was really good! Then I tried reading What I Did for Love by Susan Phillips and I couldn't get past page 6. Looks like a trip to the Friends of the Library is needed!

8. do you think you look your age?
    I think I do! But nobody else does. I'm turning 27 and everyone still thinks I'm maaaybe 20. At least sometimes I don't get carded when I buy wine at the grocery store! sometimes

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  1. I like this post!!! I too ask loads of questions during movies. I think that watching tv/movies should be more of a social activity anyway :)


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