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Chalkboard Trays!

Last week, Hannah from Young and Crafty shared this tray re-do and I fell in love! I knew that I wanted to somehow use it in my classroom, but I didn't quite know how. While I was at the dollar store I picked up 4 of these trays and walked around the store until the ideas came to me!

I decided I would use these trays to help students build CVC words and use them to make math problems!

I spray painted the trays with chalkboard paint {which is so stinkin' cool!} and let it dry over night.
Then I tested my chalk on it. It is so cool how it works!

For math, I'm going to have the students put manipulatives in the different parts of the tray so that they can visually see the partners in the math sentence.

Thanks for the great idea Hannah!

UPDATE! Thank to Melissa for sharing this idea from Teacher Tipster .coooom {who else always has that jingle in their head!?}


  1. How very cool!

    Ms. M

  2. Awesome!! Too bad it's almost 11pm and the Dollar Store is closed :(

  3. Love it! I also just watched a clip on and he used one of those trays to practice place value with first graders. I need one of those trays now! Thanks for sharing.
    Also, I love chalkboard paint! I painted a table top with it in my classroom and it's so much fun!
    F is For First Grade

  4. I love this idea! I am a Kindergarten Teacher and could so see myself using this in my classroom! What a wonderful project! Thanks for sharing!

  5. loooove this! I love chalkboard paint, and those ideas are perfect for your classroom (I might use them too...) ;)

    Thanks so much for linking to "20 Below Thursday"! :)

  6. OMG I NEED to get the chalkboard spray paint. I don't know what for yet- hahaha... but I'm sure I can do so many things with this wonderful product. Thanks for the inspiration as always. Love it!!!

    First Grade Serenade

  7. these are both such great ideas. lucky students!


  8. got me some! where did u find the SPRAY chalkboard paint??? Teacher Tipster has some great ideas with trays value...
    Thanks for the chalk idea!

  9. Great idea! I can't wait to try it. I can see my kids going crazy for this!!

  10.! Great idea! Love the CVC words. Great addition mat too! I'll pass this on to my kindergarten teacher friends.

  11. I loved the math tray idea- did something similar here
    Thank you for the idea!

  12. I need to go find a good dollar store! What a great idea!!!!

  13. What a great idea! Thank you for sharing.

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