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March Showers bring Math Flowers!

So the rain continues! Luckily it just rained last night and not at all during the school-day today, but we shall see about tomorrow!

My kids made math flowers today!

I saw these adorable fact family flowers on Mrs. Thiessen's blog and adapted it to fit the needs of my kinders. We're just starting to learn about adding and number partners. I made three different flowers and left a box for the missing partner on each number sentence. Then I copied the flowers onto colored paper.

We talked about how to find missing partners using mental math if we already knew the answer, using our fingers to help count on, or using pattern blocks and break apart sticks, like we used in this post.

I think they turned out so cute and bring some much needed color to my now bare walls!

And then I made this cute poster with my new obsessions, Lettering Delights, to put with my rainy day games in case it decides to rain again tomorrow...

Tomorrow I'm going to show you what I did with these Dollar Tree trays!


  1. Those flowers are great!! I love how colourful they are :) Fantastic teaching tool as well.

  2. A. I might be almost as obsessed with Lettering Delights as you are... love the PC Garden!
    B. How did you get 114 followers?!?! Now YOU'RE famous!

  3. Super cute... I may have to add this somehow next week!

  4. Loveeee this!!! My room could def use some spring time color in it! Thanks for sharing!!

    First Grade Serenade

  5. Love, love, LOVE your precious little flowers,
    So cute!!!!!


  6. i need to figure out how to do this with cats or geckos... :)



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