WILW - Miss Kindergarten


Link up with Jamie for the ushe {short for usual...there's no way to type it!}

*I'm loving that 90 people follow my blog! holy-moly, I remember being excited about 10!

*I'm loving that I forced myself to go to the gym even though all I really wanted to do was sit around and watch TV, but now I feel good!

*I'm loving that I went to CVS to pick up my prescriptions and they actually had them and they actually had them ready!

*I'm loving that I applied to teach summer school today! {am I crazy!?}

*I'm loving that we get to celebrate St. Patrick's Day at school tomorrow, that we have a short day, that we have a carnival to celebrate all of our hard work with Team Kids and that I have my birthright interview at noon! Tomorrow is a good day!

*I'm loving my life! :)


  1. I'm LOVING your post especially the last one.. "I'm loving my life" hope the rest of your week is great!

  2. Your blog is so cute! I teach kindergarten, so tomorrow should be a fun filled day at school! :)

  3. Now 95 followers... I'm a new one! I laughed out loud because I just told my husband "Guess what? We have 22 followers!" I get excited for every single one! :)


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