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Mother's Day Purse!

Need a Mother's Day gift that your students' mom will LOVE!?
My class makes purses filled with a lot of "truths" about mom!

The fill in the blank pages are always fun and usually get a few laughs :)

Click to download on TpT or TN!

And to all the Mom's out there, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! Thank you for all that you do!!!!


Identity Crisis...

When I first started blogging, I made a blog called "Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach", with the intention of blogging about my experiences as a first year teacher. I lasted about a few weeks but I realized {I can't believe I'm about to admit this} that I hated blogging! So I deleted my account.

About 2 months later, I stumbled across the most awesomest fashion blog and was enthralled! I thought, I can totally do this! So Outfitted and Inspired was born! Until I realized that none {okay 2} of my posts were actually about outfits. Why did I ever think that I could ignore my passion in life?!?

So on a whim this morning, I decided to change my blog name and...

My posts will actually reflect what my blog is about now!

What do you guys think? Am I crazy!? Actually....don't answer that! But here's what you can do! Those of you who have my Outfitted and Inspired button on your blog {why, thank you!} would you pleeeease change it to my new Miss Kindergarten button?? I would greatly appreciate it!!

Miss Kindergarten

Thanks for all of the love and support :)



This might be the best thing that has ever happend to me!

Mrs. Lochridge over at First Grade Factory is a sanity saver.

She posted the most adorable picture direction icons on her blog a couple weeks ago and I fell in love. Well, little did I know that they would literally be the BEST thing in my classroom! I used them today for the first time and oooh my goodness, let me just tell you how smoothly the activity went! Like I wanted to drop everything, log on to blogger and let her know! But clearly, I was teaching! haha anyway, go check out her amazing picture direction cards and experience the magic yourself!


Crack and Build Brain Words

Kathleen over at Growing Kinders posted the cutest math and literacy activities! I just loved the Crack a Sight Word center! At my school, we call sight words "brain words" because they're words your brain just has to know! I typed up 8 of our longest brain words {which was a challenge in itself! haha} into little boxes and then created a worksheet to go with it.

Carrot Themed Party by Ashley!

My BFF Ashley is so creative! I just had to share the adorable carrot themed party decor that she designed for Easter and her cousin's birthday. Go check out how cute her stuff is!!

Here's a little sneak peak!


Summer Countdown Winner!!

If you didn't win, don't be too sad! You can buy one at my Etsy shop! Use the coupon code LOVE15 to take 15% off of your purchase!

Another Sign Giveaway!

I'm giving away another countdown sign over at Teaching Blog Addicts

Head on over to enter!

Visit my Etsy shop to purchase. Use coupon code LOVE15 to take 15% off your purchase :)


The Ol' Trash to Treasure fliparoo!

I've had these little boxes since January. They used to house chocolate {although that's long gone!} Anyway, I couldn't throw them away because they were perfect little boxes! But I wanted to jazz them up a little.

Enter my newest obsession: Mod-Podge 
{I've come to the conclusion that I have an obsessive personality...}

If you've never used Mod-Podge before, I highly recommend it! It's like super glue, only BETTER! And it comes out so soft and pretty! I applied it onto the box, then laid down the scrapbook paper, and then applied it over the paper with a little foam brush that I got at Michaels. It goes on whiteish but dries clear.

So here is the treasure!

Once I decide what to put inside of them, I'm thinking about labeling the side of the box.

Lettering Delights

Letting Delights dollar days ends on Monday. Waaaaah!!! Worst news ever :((( I'm going to go stock up on fonts right now!


Dollar Tuesday

I went to Target 4 times last week...don't judge me! In the dollar section, I found the cutest vinyl baskets for my beach themed classroom next year! Well actually my BFF saw them and brought them over to me and I may or may not have squealed in the dollar section. {Check out these amazing teachers and the inspiration behind my beach themed room! Sneaker Teacher and Mrs. Lamb featured on What The Teacher Wants}

Anyway, I really, really love them. But I don't know what to do with them! I can already envision pencils and scissors being jammed through the vinyl, so that's out of the question. I was thinking maybe to store things? I don't know, I need your help!

Now link up your dollar finds! {So I can make a list and steal borrow your great ideas!}


Countdown Winner and Sale Items!

You can now count down to summer vacation in style!

I loved reading about all of your summer plans! Makes me want summer to get here even faster!!

 My Spring Break brain decided it would be fun to open an ETSY shop to sell my signs!


And because I love my followers so much, for a limited time, you can use this coupon code to take 15% off your purchase!! LOVE15

Contact me if you are interested!

And Steph, email me your info and we can work out the details of your FREE countdown sign!

I'm Done!

Welcome to my 100th post!!! I can't believe I've posted 100 times on my blog! And I'm no where near done blogging! Fittingly enough, I am posting a classroom management idea over at Teaching Blog Addict. My post title goes along with that post. Go take a look!



Remember my short e word family sort that I made with my Lettering Delights Egg Hunt graphics?! And the disgusting baskets that I made myself because I couldn't find a cute basket clip art. And I just so happened to be going through my djinkers clipart and guess what I have...

...a basket! Are you kidding me?!??!??!! So, clearly I've updated my word family activity. Here's the new and improved version!


Dollar Spot and Dollar Tree Tuesdays!

If you're like me, getting things for $1 is the best thing in the world {maybe even more fun than using coupons...maybe...}. Especially on a teacher's budget! And especially if you are supplying your classroom with goods that come out of your own pocket! So finding a deal at the Target Dollar Spot, or the Dollar Tree is like striking gold!

I love reading about what you guys find for $1! But my most favorite thing is getting ideas from you guys about how to use the amazing finds! I'm pretty good at finding the dollar stuff, but I don't always know what to do with it! For example:

I bought this adorable pinwheel at Target yesterday and that was that. 

I really didn't think I could use it other than getting joy from looking at it.

Then I see Heidi's post and her amazing spinner idea! I tell you!

So I thought it would be fun to share our deals and finds! And I only chose Tuesdays because it sounded good with Dollar Tree ;)

Believe it or not, I try not to shop at the Dollar Tree and Target Dollar Spot every week {try is the underlined word in that sentence} so I might not have a post to go along with the linky party every week. But you can still see the cute ideas that other people post! Or, if you're like me, you can show us what you got and we'll help you figure out what to do with it! And it doesn't have to just be teacher stuff either!

Check back on Tuesday for the link!



Obviously, I'm loving my new blog!!!!!

I'm loving all my new clothes and bathing suit that I got at Target yesterday! {BTW, I survived 2 whole months without buying new clothes! go me!}

I'm loving that I got tank tops that were just $2 at Target!

I'm loving that I'm finally getting my hair done tomorrow!
And of course, I'm loving that I haven't had to wake up before 8 so far this week! woo!!


How cute is my new blog design!??!

Seriously, I think my page views may be at 1 million because I.can't.stop.looking.at.it!!!!

The amazing, wonderful, spectacular, awesome Ladybug of

designed it for me, and I could not be happier! She seriously got it spot on!
And she's quick! {no promises... she must just really like me ;)}

Go check out her blog designs and get one of your own!


Summer Countdown GIVEAWAY!

Don't get me wrong, I definitely LOVE my job! But there is a reason schools have a summer break! Am I right?! So in honor of my upcoming summer break, I thought it would be fun to have a little countdown. And my guess is that most of you are as excited about summer vacation as I am! So I thought I would share! 

I am going to give away one Summer Countdown wall hanger.
You can choose the same style as above, or you can choose from one of these background colors:
Here is how you can enter:
1. Follow my blog and leave me a comment.
2. Leave a comment about your plans for summer break!
3. Post about this giveaway on your blog and share the link in a comment.

Winner will be announced next Monday, April 11th!

P.S. 37 days!!!! what, what!



I can't believe I'm almost at 150 followers!!! I love that I am able to share ideas with all of you. Makes everything more worth while :) Stay tuned for my fabulous giveaway that I will be posting about tomorrow!

I am totally enjoying my Spring Break so far!! I slept in until 10 today! Cleaned my room, organized some coupons, ya know, the normal things ;) SO excited that I have 3 looong weeks of this :D

Also, if you haven't already, go check out A Teacher's Plan. It's a new blog that Ms. M created to share templates, and custom made lesson plans for teachers! Ms. M is AWESOME and her new blog is even more AWESOME!! {And I like the fact that we're both Ms. M, makes it a little more fun ;)}

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend :)


Given Word Sentence

Last week, I attended my final Primary Literacy training. I am seriously so sad that the training is over! It was the best training I've ever been to! {how about I say training one more time, just for fun ;)} Anyway, the day was focused on writing in primary classes. I've used the given word sentence activity before orally with my class, as a sponge activity when we have time left before transitioning to another activity. But I thought it would be fun to do during a literacy center too. If you haven't done this with your class before, it is recommended to introduce it and have students practice doing it orally first.

The directions to The Given Word Sentence, a word spinner and a blank word spinner for you to add words that fit your students' needs, an example of my word cube, and the actual writing activity are all included in the download. All the fonts are from Lettering Delights {I seriously love their dollar days!}

Hope you can use this!


Organizing Your Stickers

As a Kindergarten teacher I have a ton, and I mean a TON of stickers! More and more keep popping out of random places in my room! It was driving me absolutely nuts finding adorable stickers that I didn't even know I had after said holiday. So I decided to face those stickers and show them who's boss!

Step one: Tackle those stickers
That wasn't even a fourth of them, not kidding!
Step two: Organize the stickers into generic, yet specific piles. This took about 2 days. I forgot to take a picture, but just imagine about 19 piles of stickers with sticky notes above them!

Step three: Create cute labels on the computer, paste them onto cute paper and laminate them.

Step four: Attach labels to shoe organizer found in the Target dollar section {it was actually $2.50 but whatevs!} with cute ribbon.

Step five: Put stickers in correct spot and never forget about cute stickers again!

Hadar: 1, Stickers: 0!