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Given Word Sentence

Last week, I attended my final Primary Literacy training. I am seriously so sad that the training is over! It was the best training I've ever been to! {how about I say training one more time, just for fun ;)} Anyway, the day was focused on writing in primary classes. I've used the given word sentence activity before orally with my class, as a sponge activity when we have time left before transitioning to another activity. But I thought it would be fun to do during a literacy center too. If you haven't done this with your class before, it is recommended to introduce it and have students practice doing it orally first.

The directions to The Given Word Sentence, a word spinner and a blank word spinner for you to add words that fit your students' needs, an example of my word cube, and the actual writing activity are all included in the download. All the fonts are from Lettering Delights {I seriously love their dollar days!}

Hope you can use this!

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  1. This looks great! I've never done this before!
    Rare that we ever go to a training that is actually useful!


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