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The Ol' Trash to Treasure fliparoo!

I've had these little boxes since January. They used to house chocolate {although that's long gone!} Anyway, I couldn't throw them away because they were perfect little boxes! But I wanted to jazz them up a little.

Enter my newest obsession: Mod-Podge 
{I've come to the conclusion that I have an obsessive personality...}

If you've never used Mod-Podge before, I highly recommend it! It's like super glue, only BETTER! And it comes out so soft and pretty! I applied it onto the box, then laid down the scrapbook paper, and then applied it over the paper with a little foam brush that I got at Michaels. It goes on whiteish but dries clear.

So here is the treasure!

Once I decide what to put inside of them, I'm thinking about labeling the side of the box.


  1. Love! I have never used Mod Podge before, but I will definitely have to try it out. :)

  2. Your right they are perfect boxes. They turn out pretty.

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  3. Oh my-lanta! I love these! I need to borrow some of your creativity :)

  4. I want to make or find a box to use for a birthday box-- something to keep pencils & stickers in for the birthday kid-- one of these would be perfect with some b-day/cake/balloon paper!

  5. What a great idea Molli!!! Now I need to find another box! :)

  6. Great job re-purposing!! I <3 Mod-podge too :)

    Thanks so much for linking to "20 Below Thursday"! :)

  7. I too am OBSESSED with mod podge!!! those boxes are adorable. :)

  8. Oh goodness. I LOOOOOOOOOVE Modge Podge. I have a freak out when my bottle runs low because I swear it's my fix for everything! Love the boxes!! :)

  9. thanks so much for entering my T2T partay!!! I too LOVE some MP!!! :)

  10. These turned out sooo cute! It's amazing what a little Mod Podge will do, isn't it? :-)


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