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Organizing Your Stickers

As a Kindergarten teacher I have a ton, and I mean a TON of stickers! More and more keep popping out of random places in my room! It was driving me absolutely nuts finding adorable stickers that I didn't even know I had after said holiday. So I decided to face those stickers and show them who's boss!

Step one: Tackle those stickers
That wasn't even a fourth of them, not kidding!
Step two: Organize the stickers into generic, yet specific piles. This took about 2 days. I forgot to take a picture, but just imagine about 19 piles of stickers with sticky notes above them!

Step three: Create cute labels on the computer, paste them onto cute paper and laminate them.

Step four: Attach labels to shoe organizer found in the Target dollar section {it was actually $2.50 but whatevs!} with cute ribbon.

Step five: Put stickers in correct spot and never forget about cute stickers again!

Hadar: 1, Stickers: 0!


  1. Love, love, love this. I use the shoe organizer for many things, but I may just steal this for next year. It could look pretty cool behind my desk.

  2. I just bought about a thousand stickers at Dollar Tree tonight because I want to start a literacy station called "sticker story" (where they choose maybe 5 stickers, add their own illustrations, and write a story about it). Now I need some kind of organizational system, too!

  3. Fab idea!!

  4. Love the idea! I don't have room for a shoe organizer on a door but I am totally going to put my sticker piles into sheet protectors and put them in a binder or a file cabinet. Thanks for the idea!

    Mrs. Thompson

  5. Do you have the labels you used for your stickers available? I don't have the cute clipart like you and am not very creative in the printable department! :o)

    So Then There Were 2

  6. Another idea : use this kind of stuff.

    I separate in category like you did, but place if in this, cause i don't have espace.


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