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Community Helpers & Transportation!

Click on the picture to download the Community Helper and Transportation match-up I created using the cuuuutest Lettering Delights graphics. The automobiles are called "Get a Job" SVGs. The little people are "Grown Up Boys" and "Grown Up Girls" graphic sets.

Have your students play concentration, use the cards to match the helper with his/her form of transportation in a pocket chart, or cut the names apart from the community helper's pictures and have your students match the pictures to the names. The activities are endless!

P.S. Is an astronaut considered a community helper?? I mean, I guess he could help the community...and is it okay that the teacher is driving the school bus??


  1. Haha- this is one teacher who could never drive a school bus!
    F is For First Grade

  2. I LOVE your stuff!! I have a lot to learn from you! :) Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I love this...its soo cute and the kids will enjoy it while learning. Thank you

  4. So cute! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thank you! I can't wait to use this next year!

  6. Thank you! I am getting caught up on my blog stalking and just downloaded your FAB freebie!

    So cute!

    Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

  7. Thanks so much for sharing. I agree, very darling graphics.
    Take care,

  8. Thanks so much... this is adorable! My kids will love this.

    Adventures in Kindergarten

  9. My 2 (almost 3) year old LOVES this! Thanks so much! Love your blog!

  10. That's a great resource! Thanks Hadar!
    I love lettering delights but I am not sure about the TOU. I read, and read, and
    but seems like there is always a
    thanks again for sharing this great resource!

  11. This is so cute thanks, for sharing.

  12. Gwyn said, I went to the Lettering Delight site last night and spent about 2 hours on it. I love the stuff I spent about $12.00 but everything I got was 50 cents apiece. I made a set of cards using the free graphics. I will send you a set if you want. My blog is I have a lot of printables for download. Take care and thanks again for info about Letters Delight! Gwyn

  13. Oh my goodness! Your stuff is adorable! Thanks for sharing! Glad I found you!

  14. I love this product! I love that you have males and females as well as a large variety of occupations. I have a friend who is a plumber and he never thought of himself as a community helper, but when I told him about your unit he was so proud!

    I have crated a link to your site and posted your button on my blog to help others see this amazing product!
    (specific page:

  15. Thank you for sharing, My name is Denise, I am a paraprofessional teacher for pre k 4, right now we are working on community helpers and this would be a great whole group activity.


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