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More Picture Direction Icons

Remember this miracle-working Direction Icons that Mrs. Lochridge shared!?

Well, I absolutely love them and use them every day in my class. Last week, I needed my students to paint with tempra paint and glue with white glue, but didn't have either of those picture icons, so I just used the crayon icon and the glue stick icon. My students would not let it go!!!! They were all trying to challenge me!

Well little did they know that I would win a giftcard to Just so Scrappy, buy some adorable school clipart and make some picture direction icons for Paint and Paste!

I printed the pictures on cardstock so that they have more stability and then I use my little clip magnets to stick them in order on my whiteboard. Next to the pictures I write numbers, but it would also be good practice for the students to practice sequencing using the words first, next and last!

Take that Kindergartners! ;)


  1. I am trying to download both of the sentences and the picture directions and am not able for some reason. Could you email them to me? I would REALLY appreciate it!!

  2. I am also having some trouble with the download.Could you please email them to me?
    Thank you, Iknow the kids in my class will love them!

  3. Too cute!! I love them. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely be adding to my picture direction icons. Isn't collaboration the best. :)

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  4. I love this! So simple, but genius!.. I bet it cuts down on SO many questions :)

  5. You teach them who the teacher is. Ha, ha. :)

    Ms. M
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  6. Thanks for sharing! I will be needing this for the begining of the year next fall.

  7. Love this idea. However, I am also having problems downloading. Could you email me at Thanks so much for sharing!!!


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