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Rhyme Time

My students are finally understanding the concept of rhyming words! Well, most of them. Some still think that bat and coat rhyme but that's beside the point...anyway, I saw this great idea on Lori's blog, Little Priorities, about how she used rhyming puzzles during small group work.

I don't have any rhyming puzzles {!} but it did trigger my memory about rhyming flash cards that I made for my principal observation last year! So I pulled the cards out and created a little worksheet to go with the activity.

The kids loved it and they did such a good job! I was very impressed! 

Thanks for the great idea Lori!


  1. Soo cute and easy to implement! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you--this is perfect! I needed a new "must-do" activity for next week--now I've got one. THanks for saving me time and effort. Your ideas are awesome.

  3. Hadar,
    I'm not sure how to change your blog name on my blog roll. I tried to not be a follower of Outfitted and Inspired and "re-follow" Miss Kindgergarten, but it still says Outfitted and Inspired as your blog name. Any suggestions on how to fix it?
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  4. Hi Hadar,
    Great idea! I love that it's rather open ended in that the same printable can be used over and over and not be the same every time! Thanks!

  5. Glad it worked for you! Thanks for sharing my blog! Have a great summer!

    Little Priorities


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