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Back to School Kit Winners and Positive Thoughts!

Keep your eyes peeled for free Spanish resources on Ana's blog!

In other news...I SURVIVED MY FIRST YEAR OF TEACHING!!! There were definitely ups and downs, but all in all it was a great year and I would not have changed it for the world! I absolutely adore kindergartners and feel SO lucky to be a kindergarten teacher. I hope that my journey as a kindergarten teacher continues and I would greatly appreciate some positive thoughts sent my way. I got some great advice for the wonderful Tamara and she has really helped put me at ease about not yet having a contract for next year. Any words of advice or encouragement would be greatly appreciated!


  1. I'm in almost the exact same boat as you! I LOVED my first year of teaching, but also do not have a contract YET. The key word is yet! All of my [blogger and real life] friends have been telling me to stay positive because I have the entire summer to find a job.
    You're a wonderful teacher and any district would be lucky to have you! Good luck :)

  2. I have a similar problem, except mine is that I'm struggling to find a first year teaching job! Ive loved reading all the great things youve done with your kiddos. Just keep your head up!

  3. I have no doubt that you will get a contract. You are such a fantastic teacher they would be out of their minds not to hire you. :)

    Ms. M
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  4. Your district is crazy to not give you a contract. If your blog ideas are even one tenth of what you do in your classroom, it is an awesome place to learn. Kinders are so special and they take a special teacher to help them grow. Good luck in your search...I know something will come up. Thanks for sharing all that you do.

  5. whoa. This was your first year and you were blogging, creating, making name signs, designing for TpT?! Girl, you are a rockstar. If you aren't contracted at your same school/district, there's a reason...because they need you somewhere else. God'll take care of you!! :)

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  6. I am a fourth year teacher and finally have "permanent" status. BUT for the first three years I was in the same boat as you are every single summer, and I always ended up back in my classroom in September. Have faith... your ideas are fabulous and I know you will be fine!

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  7. Thanks for stopping by! I can't wait to see your adorable sign! And congratulations on completing your first year, I just finished up my second year! Last year after my 1st year, we moved four hours away and I had NO JOB and NOBODY was hiring. I applied to 10 districts: nothing. Then I interviewed at a private school and it was like I was supposed to be there! Am I making the best salary? No. But that isn't why we teach: we teach because it's what we are supposed to do in life! Try not to stress (I know it will be hard) but whatever is supposed to happen will happen and you will be fine :) I will be thinking of you through this time!


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