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July Words

I am so excited to be teaching summer school this summer! I am teaching Jump Start to 1st grade...getting my students ready for a full-day of first grade! It's definitely going to be a culture-shock for me as I'll have all 28 students at the same time with no aides or adult support! I start next Monday and it goes for 4 weeks!

Since there's going to be 1 of me, and 28 of them I'm trying to make my lessons as independent as possible! So I made these July vocab words to put in my pocket chart and have it available for students during writing. Feel free to grab a copy if you happen to be teaching in July!

The adorable graphics are all from Lettering Delights!


  1. I noticed you said all graphics were from Lettering Delights. I've been looking for a simple border like this and have looked on LD. Can you tell me the name or what you purchased that contained the border (frame). Thanks!Martha-Carol


  2. Oh and I'm talking about the border around the title July Words. Thanks.

  3. Hadar, aren't you going to Israel this summer too? How are you finding the time? You amaze me!
    Super cute! :)
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  4. You just inspired me to make a July ABC strip. :) I'll work on it tomorrow... I hope.

    Ms. M
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  5. Thanks so much for sharing!! I'm thinking I'll add these words to our word wall :-) I've got my lesson plans done and centers organized now so I'll scan some of them and post them today!

  6. I am also teaching summer school (ours starts tomorrow... yikes!). I loved it so much that I shared this post, I hope you don't mind!

    Here is the link:



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