Happy October! - Miss Kindergarten

Happy October!

 Today is October 1st! You know what that means!

Time to start counting down to Christmas! Woohoo!

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  1. I am an ECE programming student, and need answers to these questions please email me your answers A.S.A.P. if you don't mind.....my email is:

    How do you form your lesson plans?

    What subjects and concepts do you cover?

    Do you teach anything above or below this grade level in this class/ working ahead/ or progressing faster?

    Are there many students above target, what do these children do how are they being challenged or learning something new, do you adapt lessons for individual children to meet their needs, give an example even in previous years?

    What type of activities or methods do you use in your teaching to teach the concepts? Like an example of everything done in one day would be fine or on a weekly base, please explain for each subject.

    Please send me an example lesson plan along with your classroom schedule.

    What curriculum or method do you use for each subject?

    How do you teach physical, emotional, and social development, do and how do you teach everyday life skills?

    When implementing a lesson plan how often do things change and not go as planned? How often do you get behind or not finish a lesson as expected/ what causes these delays/ what do you do about it?

    What is the hardest thing about teaching?

    What do you like the most and least about teaching?


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