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My Favorite Clip Art!

 I think it's safe to say that I'm addicted to clip art! I just can't help downloading all the cute little things! I want to just stare at them all day! But that's not going to help anyone, now is it?! But maybe this will! Here are all of my favorite clip art sites and some are even having sales!!!

{I get a small commission if you purchase clip art from these links, it will help keep up my clip art addiction!}

Pink Ribbon Cancer Awareness Sale
50% off ALL clip art Thurs Oct. 18th only!

Great Dollar Deals!

Very Teacher Friendly!

My all-time fav, Lettering Delights
I just can't say enough about them!

Miss Kindergarten

 Happy Shopping! :)
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  1. I love all of those, too. I join you in saying that I am truly addicted to clipart!! Every time I turn on my computer I see something I have to have!! I guess there are worse addictions!

  2. Hey there, lady!
    I was wondering about lettering delight's TOU's??? Do they allow us to use these graphics for freebies?? Or do you have to buy the individual licenses for each font if you do that?? I will buy a lot more from them if I can use their stuff:)
    Little Warriors


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