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Organizing My Pinterest Boards

 For as much as I love organizing, this took me far longer than it should have! I just kept getting sucked into pinning such super cute ideas and never had time to organize them. Now I have several new categories!
*Classroom Activities- Literacy
*Classroom Activities- Math
*Classroom Organization
*Bulletin Boards and Charts
*Fall Ideas/Activities

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{Also, is it just me, or do you think Pinterest needs sub-categories?! I would love to have all my boards pinned under "Classroom Ideas" and then organized within that category. Or does Pinterest already have this and I just haven't realized??}
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  1. I totally agree on the sub-categories! Love your organization of your pin boards! You've motivated me to go and fix mine!

  2. You're ahead of me as I was thinking the same thing! I wish the had sub categories, and if they do, I haven't found them either!
    - Leslie

  3. I am still trying to figure out how the whole pinterest thing works....but I think I love it.

  4. I have mine organized like this...for math, for word work, for social studies etc. you can arrange how they are laid out on your page so I have my classroom stuff at the top and then the other stuff starts after that again in alpha order, if that makes sense.
    I'm so anal it's ridiculous.
    ;) happy weekend.

  5. I did this a couple of weeks ago, too...and it took FOREVER!! But it has been worth it, making it SO much easier to find stuff =)
    First Grade Blue SKies

  6. How do I get an invite to Pinterest? I've tried several times, but maybe doing something wrong? thanks for your help & all you share!

  7. I have a board for cupcakes AND owls, because those obsessions hit me at about the same time. I also have one just for fake flowers, and another for flowers on lampshades and pillows, lol.

    I love Pinterest, but I find myself just running down my list of "pins" rather than searching each board.

    I found your site through a comment you left on Organizing Made Fun :)

  8. Can you send me an invite? Thanks so much -

  9. I was just thinking the subcategory thing last night! I have found so many wonderful ideas, but if they're not organized I will never find them again. Maybe we could suggest it to the brilliant people that created it.


  10. I have started organizing my boards too! I stared with one big board then it got way to big!!!!
    I have these boards
    -craft ideas
    -teaching stuff ( this was the monster that I am breaking down now)
    -bulletin boards
    -snack ideas for the classroom
    -math stuff
    -anchor charts
    -cvc words
    -alpha skills
    -kinder reading

    * you can check out my boards here:

    Pocket Full of Kinders

  11. Hi:
    I was so excited to find your blog. Please send me an invite to Pinterest. I would really appreciate it. I love the items you have pinned.

  12. Hi..this is Minnie again. I forgot to send you my email address so you could send me an invite to Pinterest.
    Thanks again.

  13. Could you send me an invite also? Thanks so much... So excited!!!!

  14. Could you send me a Pinterest invite please...:) Thank you!

  15. Hi... I hope you can help. I've searched everywhere : (. For some reason, I can not see all my boards? When I re-pin an item, I can choose from all the boards I've made (at least around 8 or 10), and when I click on boards, I only see 4. I was wondering if it had something to do with I'm using some of the boards they suggested and some of the boards I've made myself? I can see ALL my pins, and when I click on them, it says what it's categorized under, I just don't see the multiple boards. HELP! : (

  16. Love your blog - could you please send me a Pinterest invitation ( Thanks!

  17. Please could I have an invite too :-)

  18. Can I please have a pinterest invite? :).

  19. Not only are the subcategories a great idea, I desperately need to be able to drag and drop to organize my boards. I have several that I didn't expect to get as big as they have, and now I'd like to subdivide them, but it takes forever to rearrange or reorganize pins with the current set up.

  20. I totally agree! I have been thinking this for a while now! It would be easier to find things and there wouldn't be so many boards right out in the open to search through. I hope they end up doing that.

  21. I love your boards - both the organization and the pins! Wow!

    I would love an invite to be able to pin. My Pinterest link is:
    and my e-mail is

    Thanks so much!


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