Friday, November 11, 2011

Take my Poll

 Hi Friends!

If you get a chance, please answer my poll on my sidebar about starting a facebook page!

And don't forget to leave feedback on TpT and TN
{only ONE person has so far! Come on people, one person!??! There's a really great prize for doing so! Ask Ms. M if you don't believe me!}


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  1. Hi girl! I have had your November Games and Centers in my cart for a while now and finally bought it. :) LOVE it! I left feedback for you on TPT. :) I am a total newbie to blogging so your blog really helps me out as well! Thanks so much!!

  2. I left positive feedback for your Alphabet Matching File Folder Game. So adorable!

    jennkeys @ gmail . com

  3. My vote is yes for a Facebook page - and thanks for commiserating about the whole virus deal. The Geek Squad guy told me it probably wasn't from that...I wanted to give him a big hug {even if he was probably wrong}...

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  4. Hi Hadar! I just left feedback for your File Folder Game Alphabet Match on TpT...definitely a 4 star in my book! I really like everything you make...keep up the great work! ;)