April 2012 - Miss Kindergarten

My Summer Bucket List!

It's always fun to make a "bucket list" and I love a good play on words!

I created guided writing prompts so my students just fill in the blanks, but I also included plain writing paper for the kids who just want to make a list of things they'd like to do over the summer.

This is a great project for the end of the school year or you could even use it if you're teaching summer school, summer camp or with your own kids at home!

You can purchase this fun activity at my TpT store or TN shop!

Happy almost Summer!!!

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More Sight Words

 A few months ago, I shared how I teach sight words to my kindergartners. Now after being with my first graders for almost 4 months, I realized they need some practice with their sight words too! For the most part, they have their kindergarten words down, but there are a million and one a lot of times they come up to me and ask how to spell words they should know! 

Well after meeting the amazing Heidi at our blogger meet-up, and being lucky enough to get a copy of her Sign & Spell DVD, I realized that I could make some more sight word activities so that my students can practice more words! I don't have a specific time set aside for sight word practice right now, so I just place the sheets in our "I'm through, what do I do" pocket charts and the kiddos will complete them when they have a chance. So far they are loving them and so am I!

You can check out my sight word writing activities by clicking on the images below.

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New Math Games- Aligned with Common Core Standards!

I realized a few weeks back, after walking by a kindergarten classroom, that my first graders don't get enough time to play. With all the pressure of meeting standards and making benchmarks, my poor kids don't get to be, well, kids! But how was I going to give my students the opportunity to play games? By disguising it with learning! 

And bonus! Did you hear that?? They're learning! Not only the important math facts, but they're learning how to once again play together. How to solve problems when they're not sure who should go first. How to fix the spinner when it stops spinning. How to respect their classmate so that they're not shouting while others are working. All the while, they're having fun!
 {it was 80's day ;)}

I'm super excited to share my new math games with you!

Eight fun math games aligned with common core standards.

Your kindergarteners and first graders will have fun practicing their math facts with these fishy themed games.

Easy to assemble, with kid-friendly step by step directions to include with each game.

Keep your students learning with:
Go Fish- Addition practice  {K.OA.3, 1.OA.7}
Fishing for Numbers– Greater/Less than practice {K.CC.6, 1.NBT.3}
Fish Sticks– Base Ten practice {K.NBT.1, 1.NBT.2} 
Roll it, Spin it, Move it!- Addition practice {K.CC.2, 1.OA.2}
Just Keep Swimming– Two-digit addition practice to 12 {K.OA.2, 1.OA.6}
Fishing for Tens Facts– Making Tens {K.OA.4, 1.OA.8}
Subtraction Splash-  Subtraction from 10 or 20 {K.OA.1, 1.OA.1} 
Turtle Tanks– Greater/Less than practice with addition {K.CC.6, 1.OA.7, K.OA.1, 1.OA.6}

You can purchase these games at my TpT store or TN shop for only $6 for the next 24 hours! 
They will go back up to $8 after that.

Want to try a game for free in your classroom? Download the free preview on TpT to view the contents of this file and to get a game to try out in your class for free!
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Behavior Bingo- Management Idea

Nine more weeks until summer break...we're really feeling it! My students are having a tough time staying focused and following classroom rules! I'm introducing a new management technique on Monday...I'll let you know how it goes! 

Behavior Bingo
Choose one behavior that you find your students are having a tough time with and let them know that you're looking for it. 
My kiddos are having a super hard time giving me their attention. At the beginning of the year, I taught them a choral response as my attention getter. I say "eyes up" when I need their attention and their job is to echo me chorally "eyes up", stop what they're doing and put their eyes on me.
Lately, it's more of half the class echoing me and 3/4ths of the class continuing with their work.
Not gonna fly! Ha!
I had to remind them several times this week what "eyes up" actually means!
So on Monday, they will come into the classroom and see our new behavior bingo board.
 Sorry it's blurry...iPhone picture!

When everyone gives me their full attention, the first time, I will choose a ticket from the bucket.

Then I will cover the corresponding number on the chart. I think I will probably just use a dry-erase marker since the chart is laminated, but you could use a fun sticker or magnet instead.

They get bingo by filling an entire column. Whichever column they fill first is the prize they will earn!
P- Popsicle Party {or you could do popcorn party, pizza party, or just party and you can decide what they get!}
R- Read-a-thon. My students really enjoy reading. Probably because they're all really good at it! During our read-a-thon, they can bring a pillow or blanket from home, read with their shoes off and basically just have a relaxing afternoon reading.
I- Inside Games. You know, those fun games you get to play during rainy day recess. You know, the games us Southern California residents rarely ever get to play! That's what we'll do! Of course, you can always make this one an ice cream party, or an invite of some sort.
Z- Zoo Day {bring a stuffed animal to school} Z was hard! Any other ideas!?
E- Extra Recess! I have a feeling this one is going to be the most enticing!

Hopefully, this will help a little, or this teacher is going to have a very long nine weeks ahead of her!

Download your own behavior bingo board below!

Thinking of different prizes?
Right click on the image below to download a jpeg version to create your own prize board. Open the file in a word document, power point slide or any other publishing tool you feel comfortable using. Then paste a textbox over the picture and type in the prize! 

If you're interested in more classroom management ideas, check out my posts {here}!

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Mother's Day Purse UPDATED!

 Just wanted to let you know, if you've purchased the mother's day purse craft, it now includes the flower template so that you can create the flower on the front of the purse! I had several people ask for one, so go back and re-download if you want it! On TpT, click on "my purchases" then go down to "download now".

 I have a fun new behavior management idea to share tomorrow! Can't wait to show you guys!

Happy Friday!!!

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End of the Year Crafts and a SALE!

The end of the school year is approaching! {I still have 47 days but who's counting...}

I wanted to share some bulletin board ideas!

First off..."Ant"icipating a Great Year!
Have your students write about what they think next year will be like! I did this with my kinders last year, some of their responses were hilarious! Of course I had a student who was in denial about moving onto 1st grade...he wouldn't answer the questions because he really didn't want to go! haha!

You can also title this bulletin board "Ant"icipating a Great Summer and have your students write about what they will do over the summer. 

OR {I always say this in a "would you rather" voice...you know that game?! Would you rather eat pepperoni for every meal for the rest of your life OOOORRR have all of your clothes made out of grass? hahha love it!} Anyway....OR

Use this as a beginning of the year bulletin board and have students write what they think they will learn in their new grade. I don't recommend this for beginning of the year kindergarten though...I'm sure they're just hoping to make it through the year dry!

This file includes easy to use templates, step-by-step student friendly directions and a variety of writing prompts! You can pick it up at my TpT store or TN shop.


Kindergarten Was a Piece of Cake!

You They made it!! Have your students write about their favorite part of the year. My students usually share ideas like the field trips we went on, what they played at recess and so on. Sometimes they'll say their teacher ;) Sometimes...haha!

You can also do this craft without the writing piece.

 Two cake templates are included because I couldn't decide!
For Kinder-3rd graders.

You can get this bulletin board craft at my TpT store or TN shop too!

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Looking to add some BLING to your wardrobe?

Spice up your teacher wardrobe with some adorable new tees!

 How cute are these!? There are t-shirts for all grade levels, but I'm partial to kinder ;)

Head on over to Teachershirts.com to see what else they have.
Take 20% off your purchase of $40 or more using the special discount code MISSK20
{valid now through April 29th}

You can also design your own classroom t-shirt with your students' drawings. Wouldn't this be a perfect end of the year gift?!

Want to win one?? Enter by using the rafflecopter below. If you don't see the rafflecopter, click on "read more". Then click on the +1 button. After you've entered for following my blog, there are 2 more ways to enter!
 Giveaway ends on Sunday, April 15th!
{Side note... I am obsessed with the rafflecopter! It's my new favorite way to host giveaways!}

Mother's Day and Father's Day Gift Ideas

It's true...Mother's Day will be here before you know it! So I thought I'd share my favorite Mother's Day gift and give you some time to prepare! In the past, my students have made these adorable purses and wrote all about their mom by filling in the blanks.

 Then I gave them scrap paper, stickers and ribbon and they decorated the purse anyway they wanted to. The girls kiddos loved it! Their moms love the gifts too! Nothing says true love like a handmade gift!

Well I haven't had anything half as cute to give to dads on Father's Day, so I decided to create a similar craft using a briefcase.

 I know several of you won't be teaching around Father's Day {you don't even want to know how I feel about that!} but those of you who are still in school, or would like your own kiddos to make this gift, you can get it for $3 in my TpT store or TN shop!
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Garden Buddies

 When we return from spring break, we're going to start our plant unit in science!

We will use Erica Bohrer's My Seed to Plant Project which is jam packed with great ideas!
I'm so excited for the plant observation log! It will be perfect to have out for Open House!

We're also going to use Ellen Boyle's fun unit, Discover Plants.
Full of fun and easy experiments, my students are going to be so excited!

As a culmination to our plant unit, we're going to make these adorable little garden buddies!
I created these with the intention of adding a writing to the front, but the watering can and shovel were just too darn cute to cover! So I decided to add a "how plants grow" sequencing page behind it. I'm still waiting on some clipart for that so in the meantime, I made the little garden buddy with a flower pot poem!
I made that poem up, all by myself! Haha, I was so proud! I guess my making up songs skills comes in handy with poems too ;) My boyfriend made fun of me when I first showed him, but now he's walking around the apartment trying to think of rhymes! We've come up with quite a few so far!

You can pick up the garden buddies at my TpT store or TN shop for only $1.50! And when I add the sequencing page you can go back and re-download!

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Giveaway Winner!

 Congrats! Thanks everyone for entering! If you'd like to purchase your own summer countdown sign you can view them at my Etsy shop!

Also, if you haven't entered this ginourmous giveaway yet, you better get on it!!!

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FLASH sale!!

 Everything in my Teachers Pay Teachers store is only $1 for the next 3 hours!! Hurry, it'll be gone in a flash!

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Bunny Hop Freebie

I'm having so much fun hopping along the freebie trail! We're on day 3 and man, my little hoppers are already getting tired! My basket is filling up though, it's so fun!

My little kidlets are having a fun week full of springy activities and centers! This week we are going to get scientific and pull out our magnifying glasses! We're going on an egg hunt for math problems!

Can you see the math problems on the eggs?? They're hiding! I can't wait to show my class, they're going to flip! haha! You can pick up your freebie {here} on TpT.

You can also check out some of my springy themed posts from last year.

Have you entered my summer countdown giveaway yet!? Go check it out if you haven't!

Now hop on over and find freebie #10! It's gonna be a good one, I just know it!

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