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Ring the Bell Goal Tracker Review

When Homeroom Teacher Teaching Supplies contacted me about doing a review of a product, I was so excited! I love having the opportunity to try out new products in my classroom! I'm pretty much obsessed with classroom management, it is so important to have, especially in those primary grades! So I asked Homeroom Teacher to recommend a fun classroom management tool and they offered the Ring the Bell Goal Tracker!

I've noticed lately that my students have been slacking on turning in their weekly homework assignments...must be that spring fever! So I thought it would be fun if our classroom goal was 100% homework completion! I set up 4 steps, so that if 100% of my students are able to turn in their homework for 4 weeks, they'll earn their reward!

Every Thursday, when our homework folders are due, I check off to see who brought in their homework. If 100% of the class brought it in, we move our goal tracker up one! The great thing about the tracker is that it's so visually appealing, but it also makes super cool sounds when milestones are reached! {I might even set this up for my own personal goals! lol}

I love that the surface of the goal tracker is reusable. The dry-erase marker erases off perfectly! This goal tracker could be used for many goals throughout the school year, again and again!

Such a fun and motivating way to keep my kiddos interested in learning :)

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  1. What a cool resource!! I need to check that out!

  2. I love that! I think that would definitely motivate my kids!


    Lohren Nolan

  3. How cool! Definitely need one of those :)


  4. This looks pretty cool! I'm always looking for incentives :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  5. I love how you are using that product! :)


  6. That is so much fun!!!!!!!!!
    My kids are slacking on homework, too. That tool might be better than me bopping my kids on the head for not turning in their homework.
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  7. I love any type of of goal where the class can work together towards reaching 100% on something! We like to graph our progress as we edge closer to meeting our goal, but this thingy looks super fun!

    Great {First Grade} Expectations

  8. I am going to invent an incentive tracker that yells at them and lectures them all during recess while they are doing the homework that they didn't turn in....and it will use the voice from Roz on Monsters Inc...."DO your homework on the goldenrod paper!!!"hee hee

    Going Nutty!


  9. hmmm.... My homework tickets have NOT been working on a few kiddos. This is a good idea.
    Dragonflies in First

  10. Looks like a fun "new" incentive! Love that you can "change" the heading!

  11. What a clever way to motivate kids! I agree - classroom management is a top priority! Thanks for sharing, Renee

  12. Very neat! And so easy to implement! :) new follower..come check me out for some math ideas :)



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