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Birthday Bulletin Board

Birthdays are my favorite holiday to celebrate! It's a special day all about you {who doesn't like that!?}

I also love having a birthday board in my classroom, dedicated to all the special little ones in my class.  I've done cupcakes and candles before, but this time around I added a fun little birthday banner too!
{If you purchased my birthday bulletin board before, go back and redownload so you can get the happy birthday pennant banner too!}

I printed the cupcakes and candles on cardstock so that they're a little more durable than copy paper and them laminated them for extra protection ;) I will write my students names with permanent marker on the candle and the date of their birthday on the flame. Then I can erase the names at the end of the year and use them for my new batch of kiddos again!

You can purchase my Birthday Bulletin Board at my TpT store or TN shop for $4!

The download includes:
*4 different cupcake designs {2 sizes of cupcakes to meet the needs of you classrooms}
 *11 different candle designs {also in 2 sizes!}
*Happy Birthday pennant banner

You can also download this little birthday organizer to keep all your students' birthdays in one place!
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  1. Hadar, that is just about the cutest thing ever!!

    Ginger Snaps

  2. So stinkin cute!! :)

  3. Super Cute! I love the look that the Banner adds! I've been waiting to finish up my birthday board to share too--you might have inspired me with a banner!!

    Creating & Teaching

  4. Fabulous and super adorable. Kids of all ages will want to 'eat' these up :)

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher
    Endless Pinabilitites!

  5. umm I LOVE your birthday cupcakes!!!! And I love your magnet board, it turned out super fab!!! ;)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  6. Hadar - that is too cute. Love it!

  7. Super adorable... as usual!!!!

  8. LOVE THIS and PINNED!!! so so so cute!!!

  9. Adorable!! Love, love, love! ;)

  10. LOOOOOOOOOVE! My favorite thing ever!

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  12. This is the cutest thing ever! I love it!
    ✎ Nicole
    Teaching With Style

  13. Oh wow! So cute...and the freebie is exactly what I have been looking for :)


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