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Guest Blogger- Apples and ABCs

Hello Friends!  It's Michelle from Apples and ABC's.  I am absolutely thrilled to be guest blogging for Hadar!  I have to tell you why...besides her being one of the most inspiring bloggers out there, this post is actually something I did when we had a craft day together!  (yep, we are SUPER lucky to live close!)    Here is the writing display board that I made, and want to share with you!

I was inspired by an idea on Pinterest to make a board to hang up papers with "no name."  I was going to title the board that, but then after brainstorming with Hadar about it, we thought kids might be tempted to leave their name off on purpose just to get their paper up on the board (you can't sneak one past us!! :)  So instead I made a "Writing is a Hoot" board to display super student work.  I am thinking that for each assignment (or when I remember), I will find a student that did his/her best and display their paper on our board.  Hopefully, it will be a small incentive to work carefully and neatly!

Here are the supplies:
-The sliver rectangle is a magnetic board I found on SALE at Michael's
-little owl wood shapes that I turned into magnets
-cute ribbon
-sticker letters
-Mod Podge (aka Heaven)
-scrapbook paper

Here are the steps to making my writing display board:

I cut scrapbook paper the same size as the magnetic board and Mod Podged it on, and cut ribbon to match the perimeter of the board.  

Something exciting that Hadar taught me, was that you can Mod Podge ribbon!  I hadn't tried that before, I normally hot glue when it comes to the ribbon.  It worked like a charm, and that ribbon isn't going anywhere!

I placed my stickers on once the paper was dry, making sure to leave space for the student's work to hang underneath!  If you can't find a magnetic board, you could glue clothes pins onto the board and hang it that way.  To make the magnets, I just found little wood owls and hot glued a magnet on the back.

Here is the final product!  I hope it gives some of the kids a little extra incentive to do their best so their work can be showcased.  I will do my best to give everyone an equal turn with their work on the board.  Kids LOVE showing off their work, so I am assuming this will be a hit!  If I work the system right, then about 6 differnt kids each day could have their writing on display! :)

I hope this is something you could modify or make to use in your classroom.  Thanks for having me, Hadar!  Come by and visit any time! :) 

~Michelle from Apples and ABC's

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  1. This idea is brilliant! I love it! I already made Michelle' cork boards for each student to display their writing! Guess what my next project is? Thanks for sharing!
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  2. I love this...thanks for sharing!

  3. So precious! I love it! Thank you for sharing! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  4. What a great idea!! I'm always trying to model & show students good examples of writing & this would be perfect! Thanks for sharing Michelle!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  5. Hi Michelle and Hadar - You both are too sweet. Michelle I was so jealous when I saw the post on fb that you guys were craft shopping together. Look what you cute! Thanks for sharing.
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  6. This is a great writing motivator and super stinkin cute! I think I need to make one for my owl themed classroom this year!! Thanks for sharing!

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First

  7. I love this idea! I agree that kids might leave their name off just to get on the board... I would when I was a kid.... :)

    Fancy Free in Fourth

  8. Such a cute idea! Where did you find those owls?? They are adorable :) My room is decorated with owls! Love it

  9. LOVE the writing board. Simply darling!

    Teach on a Limb

  10. Where did you find the wooden owls? I NEED some! :)

  11. She got them at Michaels craft store!

  12. Great Idea. I am still looking for some crafty ideas to be used on the Holiday Programs for Kids in Singapore. Hopefully I can dig some more from your site. Heh!

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