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Guest Blogger- Kindergarten Lifestyle

Hello all of you fabulous teachers! My name is Jeannie from Kindergarten Lifestyle and I get to guest blog while Hadar is on vacation to Las Vegas....did I catch that right Hadar? Oh well, even though I don't get a trip to Vegas (wwaahhh) being here is almost as good :0)

Today I want to share a darling First Day activity I do with my kinders. It's a handprint poem.......sounds familiar, huh?! Well - stay with me because you will love this! I love sending kids home from school the first day with something to share with their parents, as well as, have a keepsake that mom and dad will love to keep!

I buy blank 12-piece puzzles from Compoz-a-Puzzle. For 24 of the puzzles it costs me about $17 with tax and shipping (ah the things silly teachers won't do). Anyways, they are really, good sturdy puzzles so I think they are worth what we get to make using them! :0)

Ok, so here is the handprint I made today with my 4 year old Reagan. I saw the same excitement in his eyes while we were making his handprint that I see from my students each year. They really love it -- especially when they find out they get to take it home.

Now, you are probably thinking -- what??!!!! You really have kindergarteners make handprints the first day of school?  Isn't that time-consuming? Isn't that messy? My answer is NO! I don't pour out globs of paint. Instead I use these:

Washable Paint Ink Pads - I love these things. No mess, and they work great! 

I put out a few ink pads (that are larger than a kinder's hand). I let each child choose their color and press, press, press their hand.... OOooohhh - how hard can you press it? They love when you say that and will press extra hard....

Another great thing about using these ink pads is that the paint dries super quick too - which allows me to send it home the same day!

I place the puzzle in a baggie with the following note attached. It is a FREEBIE! Click HERE to grab your copy.....You gotta read it - it is simply adorable. Trust me - you want a Kleenex handy when you read it.....:0)
I will tell you I did not write the poem (I wished I knew who did - it is such a SWEET poem). I've used it for years and made it all cutesy!!!

I hope you found something a little new and interesting for your new school year! I'd love for you to visit me over at Kindergarten Lifestyle! 

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  1. Super cute idea! Thank you so much for sharing it! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  2. Oh my goodness that is a perfect idea to use the ink pads! I should get some new ones though, mine are pretty icky. Thanks!

  3. I loved this when I saw Deanna's version a few weeks ago. I know the parents are going to love it!

    Yep! I used the same website to order the puzzle too... Was I the only person confused by that website?

    I stayed focused and determined and I got it done! Yay!

  4. Your puzzle idea is adorable! I love it!
    This is exactly the type of thing parents love as well.
    I really like your idea of just using ink instead of paint so that it will be ready to go home right away.

    Thank you for the adorable poem - my team will surely love it!

    I do, We Do, You Do!

  5. Omg - I hadn't seen Deanna's!!! That is crazy!! Parents really do love the handprints! I used to stress about getting them done and dried, but the ink pads make it sooo much easier!
    Kindergarten Lifestyle

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  7. Ok so when I went and found Deanna's post it says the idea originally came from Little Giraffe's (Love that site btw).... I couldn't remember where I'd picked u the idea. Now, I know!!

    Thanks to for such an amazing idea!!

  8. I think a lot of people do this activity! I had not used the stamp pads, so I love that tip!!!

  9. Love the puzzle idea. Can't wait to come up with a spin on that for my class!

    Teach on a Limb

  10. Looks like you are a specialist on this because you just made it so easy to be with you, motivated me to learn more on the subject!
    Kids Play School - Little Millennium

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