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Some Classroom Photos

We've been in school for 8 days...woohoo! I wanted to share some bulletin boards that my amazing team teacher and I put up {with lots of help of my bestie Ashley. Thanks Ashley!!}

Our "Beautiful Work"
Loving my bulletin board border and cut out letters from MPM school supplies!
I've since added paperclips and student work to our board. Just slide the work in and out of the paperclips, super easy! Can we talk about how expensive scrapbook paper is?! I wanted to put some cute paper up on the board, but spending almost $30 on paper was not going to happen! So I cut the 12"x12" cute polka dotted paper into three pieces and taped it onto the yellow cardstock. I think it turned out super cute!
Oh, and then saw an ad in the newspaper that scrapbook paper was 6 for $1 at Michaels...better go load up!

Our Happy Hive:
Did I mention how awesome my team teacher is?! She's been teaching this class for 6 years so she has lots of tricks up her sleeve! This board is awesome! It has our students' numbers, names and birthday cakes up and in easy view. When a students moves away and we add a new one, we just replace the student name and cake and we're good to go! It's super cute too!

Job Chart:
We have another set of bees with our students' numbers that we will add to this chart when we start classroom jobs.

Calendar Wall:
I *think* this is my favorite bulletin board in our room! I think it might have to do with all the polka dots...maybe?! You can download that cute little welcome pennant banner for free at my TpT store.
And I am in LOVE with Erica Bohrer's polka dot classroom set. The adorable today, yesterday and tomorrow cards are from her pack

How stinkin' cute is this weather chart?!
I downloaded it for free from my bloggy friend Nicole!

And finally, our new color wall!
Okay, I lied...I think this is actually my favorite bulletin board in our room!
I saw this on Amy Lemon's blog and loved it! {twice apparently, because when I was looking at my pin boards, I realized that I not only pinned it this year, but last year too!} Amy didn't have a template on her blog so she said I could make one and share with you all!
They're just sooo stinkin' cute with the ribbon and the smiley crayons! And I made the crayons all by myself! I'm pretty proud of myself! You can pick up the templates for free at my TpT store!

Hope your enjoyed the mini tour and have a fabulous and relaxing weekend!
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  1. I love your room! I need a classroom makeover! Are you available?! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  2. Super Cute! Love the Crayons, and the look of your calendar area is stunning....i think mine needs a makeover! I have WAY too much junk on there!

  3. Super cute and inviting! Thanks for sharing pictures of your classroom :)

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher
    Endless Pinabilities!

  4. Very cute! I love the scrapbook paper on your interchangeable bulletin board. Thank you for the freebies, too!


  5. LOVE it! Can you come to Texas in about 2 years and be littlest kindergarten teacher..I know she'd love you! ;)

  6. Love, love, love! I think those crayons have to be my favorite too! Adding the bows to them is just so darn cute!!

    Love it!

  7. So cute! Love how they turned out!

  8. Your classroom looks amazing! Have a great weekend!!!!!!!

  9. Oh MY goodness, how have I not seen those crayons before?! I'm in love with those little guys! Love the bows! Headed over to your tpt store now.... and thanks for the shout out sweet friend! Your bulletin boards look awesome!!
    Rowdy in Room 300

  10. Your bb's are beautiful!!!!!!!!

  11. Thank you for sharing the crayon templates! I hadn't been able to find any cute color word signs that I liked until now!
    Teachin' First

  12. Oh how I adore the crayons! Making those tomorrow!

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

  13. Of course your room looks perfect! You wouldn't have it any other way!

    Ѽ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  14. Hadar
    I love your crayons!! Adorable. Congrats again on the job...YAY!!
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  15. So cute! I have a bee room too!

    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  16. Your stu work board is wonderful I like the complexity of the solid with the dots. I think all dots would have been nice but this is better. :) BTW, I was at Hobby Lobby and YES scrapbook paper is expensive. Just got a surfing/ beaching pack and I wanted to cry when I saw a second pack I wanted today.

    BTW, I just L.O.V.E the Happy Hive board. I have to find a way of copying it and adapting it for my theme. :)

    As always everything is spectacular. Can't wait to hear about all the fun your having with your kids.


  17. I love your room! It is so cute! I would love to learn there everyday!

    Pixy Stix and Teacher Tricks

  18. Great idea on the dividing up the scrapbook paper!! Wish you would have thought of that before I did mine the whole sheet:)
    YOur room looks great! I am so happy for you:)
    Really, I am. See, not followed by a sarcastic remark. at all. Just sweetness:)

    Going Nutty!

  19. Lovin' your space. :D
    Those crayons are just waaaayyyy too cute!

  20. Love your class room. the weather chart and calendar are so so cute and love the colour crayons

  21. Oh my goodness, everything and I mean EVERYTHING is so cute!! I love the crayons!

    Lovin’ Kindergarten

  22. Your room looks great!!! I love the crayons, I think I have the perfect space to add them in my classroom!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  23. love your room it looks awesome...we have the same calendars!!

    Just Wild About Teaching

  24. Love your classroom,everything turned out fabulous,
    Have a great school year


    Enjoy Teaching English


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