October 2012 - Miss Kindergarten

Treats for Our Sweets

 Trick or Treat, Happy Halloween!

The Freebielicous bloggers are throwing a partaaaay! Lots of treats everywhere!

My treat for you today is this fun sight word practice called Star Words!
{Aren't the stars adorable!? They're free from Ashley Hughes' store!}

Game 1- Roll & Write
 Print off the star word pages and place them into a mini tray.
Have your students roll a die into the tray and find the word that matches the number.
After reading the word, have them write the word on the correct spot on the recording sheet.

Game 2- Star Search!
Cut apart the star words and place them around the room. Have your students walk around the room to find the star and write the words on their recording sheets.

Click on the bag to pick up your treats!

Now head on over to Kreative in Kinder to get your next treat!
Kreative in Kinder

If you're looking for a cute craft to do for Veterans Day, check out my new Soldier Boy and Girl craft at my TpT store!

It comes with several {and I mean several!} writing templates and pre-writing pages for writing about soldiers, heroes, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day.

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Trick or Treat!

 I'm throwing a Trick or Treat sale at my TpT shop this weekend!
Pick up some treats and enjoy 20% off!

I've updated my November Games and Centers too!
  5 Math centers & games
*Add 'em up {addition to 10}
*Pilgrim Problem {Missing number sort. Extension activity: have students put the pilgrim hats in numerical order, or sort them by odds and evens}
*Finish the Pattern {Practicing AB, AAB, and ABC patterns}
*Counting Bingo {Number sense identification}
*Rake, Rattle and Roll {Addition to 12}

5 Literacy centers & games
*Build a Sentence {Sight word, capital letter and punctuation identification}
*Short /a/ sort {sorting -at and -an words}
*Letter Matching-Fall Tree {Match lower case with upper case letters}
*CVC Bingo {practice reading and identifying -at and -an words}
*Sight word & color word memory game {Identify 5 sight words and 4 color words}

This little guy is on sale too :)
I'm also super excited about a turkey craft that I'm working on with one of my bloggy friends. It's so stinkin' adorable, I can't wait to share it with you!

Speaking of bloggy friends, here's some more of my favorite bloggers who are throwing a sale this weekend too!

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Classroom Aprons for Teachers!

 I'm so excited to share this news with you!!!

A few months ago, I showed you guys this picture of this sweet little apron that my mom made for me to wear in my classroom and told you that I was talking her into making some for you to buy!

Well, guess what!??! It worked!!! She now has four aprons up and ready for purchase!!!
*UPDATE* These went like hotcakes!! There are now 4 more styles added to the collection!

Owls for you owl lovers!

Zebra print {my personal favorite!}

Apples for the teacher!

And of course, ABCs!

Aren't they just precious!
Which one do you like the best?!
You can check them out by visiting my Etsy shop!
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October is So Fun!

I can't believe we're already half way through October!
We're still working on our five senses and we got to create this adorable little lapbook from Lita Lita.
The first day we did the inside of the lapbook, the coloring part. They loved it because they not only got to draw what they did like, but what they didn't like as well! They were able to complete it independently in writing center!
The next day, I wrote sentence starters on the board for my class and then we brainstormed ideas for the writing. Stuck this in the writing center again and look at their sentences! Some were even able to write "I taste pizza with my mouth." Impressed!

I just loved all the components to it! Thanks Paula!
{I think that's a belly button ;)}

They've being doing such a fabulous job learning about their senses.

So I thought, perfect time to throw in these awesome scented highlighters from Scentos!

When they do a fabulous job on their work, they get a big star with the scented highlighter. Such a great motivator!

We also studied bats which are oh-so cute in crafts but pretty darn scary looking in real life!!!
 We made these adorable bats from A Cupcake for the Teacher and then added adjectives to the wings.
Of course, they wanted to take the bats home and didn't want me to hang them up. Haha! Never fails!

We also played some fun batty games during math!

 Next week we're going to have some fun with monsters! Arg!!!

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Five Senses, Spiders and Scarecrows, Oh My!

Last week we learned all about our five senses and about spiders! It was so much fun!!

We started the week talking about our five senses. We learned a fun song using our Rigby program and then made this awesome little craft.
Have you see the adorable five senses activities that Pencils, Glue and Tying Shoes shared last year?
Well, I hadn't seen it until Cara shared it over on The First Grade Parade and I knew I had to do it with my kiddos when we learned about our five senses. 

Aren't they cute!? My favorite was that my students were able to label them independently using the anchor chart we created as a guide. Love it!
{and if you look really closely you can kind of tell that I'm not teaching kindergarten this year ;)}

For our spider study, we watched a spooky scary nonfiction spider segment on United Streaming. I had to close my eyes ;) And then we used what we learned about spiders to fill out this fun little map from A Year of Many Firsts Spooky Days Unit. On the back, we wrote three sentences about our spider facts. Watch out common core!

And then we had some fun practicing our color words using Color Practice and Reinforcement from my favorite Teeny Tiny Teacher :)

I also wanted to show you guys my newest craft that I am absolutely in love with! When I was shopping at Michaels {I have an obsession, I can't help it} I saw this adorable little scarecrow jar and bam, inspiration hit!

And I decided he needed some crows so I made crow crafts too ;)

You can pick up the templates for the scarecrow & crow crafts in my TpT store!

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Bats, Cats and Witch's Hats!

 Hi friends! Just a quick post today, I wanted to share one of my color word songs that is perfect to teach in October! I LOVE to sing in the classroom {even if I do have a horrible singing voice} and it really helps my students learn!

{click here to download}

I've updated my Songs in the Classroom pack and added songs for the colors pink, brown, black, white and gray. If you've already purchased them, you can get the updates by re-downloading!

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My Binding- Business Duo Trimmer Review

I have always wanted my own personal paper cutter so you can imagine my excitement when MyBinding.com reached out to me to review a product of theirs.  It didn't take me more than 30 seconds to let them know that I wanted to review their Business Duo Trimmer paper cutter. I was so excited to get this in the mail and I can tell you that I am certainly in love!!!

The awesome thing about this paper cutter is that it's two cutters in one!! A guillotine trimmer on one side, and flip it on over for the rotary trimmer, which has three blades in one! Straight, perforated and waved! SO cool!!!

Did I mention that it also has a round corner cutter!?
Well, it does!

So after I picked my jaw up off the ground, I got to work trimming my Halloween Games and Centers.
I started with the guillotine trimmer because that's the side I was most excited about!
It was very easy to use.

Then I did the fliparoo and attempted the rotary trimmer side. That one gave me some trouble!
See the clear plastic...that's where the cutting takes place. See where my apple is...yea, wasn't pretty!
But once I figured out where to actually place the paper, it worked perfectly!

Then I put the "paper monster" to the real test. How did it handle laminated paper?!

Worked like a charm!

Then I used the corner cutter to trim the corners of the laminated cards, since those can get pretty pokey. So easy!!!

Another feature that I really liked was the little "catch all" on the end of the guillotine side.

I got all of my Halloween themed games and centers cut and trimmed in less than an hour!
{all the erasers and containers were purchased in the Target dollar section!}

Then I put "Trimmy", as I like to call her, away in her cozy little spot.
Until next time!

Also, thanks everyone for entering the Chevron Print Clutch Giveaway! The winner is Jen R.
Congrats Jen, please email me so that I can get you your prize!
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