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October is So Fun!

I can't believe we're already half way through October!
We're still working on our five senses and we got to create this adorable little lapbook from Lita Lita.
The first day we did the inside of the lapbook, the coloring part. They loved it because they not only got to draw what they did like, but what they didn't like as well! They were able to complete it independently in writing center!
The next day, I wrote sentence starters on the board for my class and then we brainstormed ideas for the writing. Stuck this in the writing center again and look at their sentences! Some were even able to write "I taste pizza with my mouth." Impressed!

I just loved all the components to it! Thanks Paula!
{I think that's a belly button ;)}

They've being doing such a fabulous job learning about their senses.

So I thought, perfect time to throw in these awesome scented highlighters from Scentos!

When they do a fabulous job on their work, they get a big star with the scented highlighter. Such a great motivator!

We also studied bats which are oh-so cute in crafts but pretty darn scary looking in real life!!!
 We made these adorable bats from A Cupcake for the Teacher and then added adjectives to the wings.
Of course, they wanted to take the bats home and didn't want me to hang them up. Haha! Never fails!

We also played some fun batty games during math!

 Next week we're going to have some fun with monsters! Arg!!!

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  1. As a 2nd grade teacher who loves writing, I must say what an AWESOME job you are doing with integrating senses! And...your bats are adorable, we must try these next week! Glad I'm a new follower!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Amy Howbert

    Little Miss Organized

  2. I love seeing the 5 senses activity on your blog. I am glad your students like it. I will be using it next month.
    Thanks a lot for your mention. :)


  3. I HOPE that is a belly button! LOL

    Ok I just LOVE that activity. I have to do it when I get to senses. :)

    The bats are wonderful. I am planning on making mine next week.
    Kinder kids= Spiders
    1st grade= Bats
    My life is so packed! :P


  4. I have to do that Senses lapbook next year!!! So cute!!
    Love hte bats.
    And you know I heart that monster.

  5. I love all the 5 Senses stuff you have been doing! It looks great!! Have a great week!

  6. I love that senses book!! I am doing them this week :) The bats came out super adorable-- thank you for the shout, bestie! :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher


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