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Trick or Treat!

 I'm throwing a Trick or Treat sale at my TpT shop this weekend!
Pick up some treats and enjoy 20% off!

I've updated my November Games and Centers too!
  5 Math centers & games
*Add 'em up {addition to 10}
*Pilgrim Problem {Missing number sort. Extension activity: have students put the pilgrim hats in numerical order, or sort them by odds and evens}
*Finish the Pattern {Practicing AB, AAB, and ABC patterns}
*Counting Bingo {Number sense identification}
*Rake, Rattle and Roll {Addition to 12}

5 Literacy centers & games
*Build a Sentence {Sight word, capital letter and punctuation identification}
*Short /a/ sort {sorting -at and -an words}
*Letter Matching-Fall Tree {Match lower case with upper case letters}
*CVC Bingo {practice reading and identifying -at and -an words}
*Sight word & color word memory game {Identify 5 sight words and 4 color words}

This little guy is on sale too :)
I'm also super excited about a turkey craft that I'm working on with one of my bloggy friends. It's so stinkin' adorable, I can't wait to share it with you!

Speaking of bloggy friends, here's some more of my favorite bloggers who are throwing a sale this weekend too!

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  1. The November pack looks awesome!! I'm going to have to pin that! ;)

    First Grade and Fabulous

  2. Who doesn't love a sale right?!?! Super cute stuff Hadar. Hope you are doing great! Happy Halloween! :oD
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After


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