November 2012 - Miss Kindergarten

So Excited- Sales are Here!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!
I LOVE shopping, especially sales! Nothing feels better than getting a good deal! Ha! 

I am celebrating Cyber Monday by throwing sales in both of my online stores!
My Teachers Notebook store will be on sale Saturday-Monday
and you automatically get 10% off your entire order!
Click the image below for your savings!

My Teachers Pay Teachers store will be on sale Sunday-Tuesday!
Click the image for savings!
{don't forget to enter the code CMT12 on Monday and Tuesday for extra savings!}
Thank you Ashley for the button :)

I can't wait to shop!
Here are some things in my cart already!
 from Live Laugh Love Kindergarten

from Kinder Latino

from Queen of the First Grade Jungle

from A Cupcake from the Teacher :)

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Gearing up for Winter

And by gearing up for winter, I mean I will have to put on closed-toed shoes and a sweater before I leave my house soon ;) I love California! But I also love teaching about winter and what it would be like if we did get snow!

Here are some of the winter themed products I have available in my store!

This pack is full of writing, reading and math activities for the snowy season.
 One of my favorites is this fun writing prompt:

 It also includes this super adorable winter buddies craft!
I've listed the Winter Buddies craft on it's own too with different writing prompts if you don't need the whole snow unit :)

I also have some math and literacy centers available!

11 centers in all to keep your students engaged and learning during December!

And lastly, my favorite craft ever! I asked on my Facebook fanpage if you are allowed to do Santa crafts in the classroom. Your responses were overwhelming helpful, so thank you!

Isn't he adorable!?

This craft comes with tons of writing pages too!

Teaching this winter is going to be so much fun!

Thanks to those of you who pinned my sight word practice units! The three winners are:
#15 Erika R.
#6 Jenna
and #10 Lisa!
Check your emails!
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Sight Word Writing Practice Three is Here!

If you liked Sight Word Writing Practice and Sight Word Writing Practice Too, you'll be happy to know that Sight Word Writing Practice Three is now out and ready for purchase!

This pack includes:
18 high frequency/sight words
18 sight word practice pages
18 sentence scramble pages
and 24 practice pages for your students to practice writing and recognizing sight words in a fun and engaging way!

Here are some sample pages:

 You can read more about how to use these sight word pages {here}.

If you're interested in purchasing all three sight word packs, you can get the BUNDLE pack at a discounted rate!
This pack includes:
54 high frequency/sight words
54 sight word practice pages
54 sentence scramble pages
and 72 practice pages for your students to practice writing and recognizing sight words in a fun and engaging way!
Plus, 4 blank templates that are editable if you need to add your own words!

I love using these pages and I hope you will too!

Now ready for some fun!? 
Let's play a little "Pin it to Win it" because who doesn't love games!?
I will give away 3 BUNDLE packs to 3 random people who pin any picture on this post and leave a comment below! Make sure to include your email so I can email you if you're chosen! Winners will be announced Wednesday Nov 21!

If you're off this week {like me!!! woohooo!!!!} enjoy your break! 
I'll be thinking of those of you who are teaching tomorrow {while sipping hot chocolate in my PJs ;)}


I {heart} My Blogging Friends!

When I first began my blogging venture almost two years ago, I never imagined all the friendships and connections I would make! But not only have I made some online friendships, I've also been lucky enough to connect with these awesome teacher bloggers in real life!! I am so thankful for these ladies, so I wanted to share about them with you today!

I'm linking up with my *sweet* friend Lyndsey over at A Year of Many Firsts! 
{She seriously is as sweet as can be! And she's hilarious! We have the best conversations! Love this girl and hope to meet her IRL someday real soon!!}

Kristin was the first person I met in real life at our very first California meet up! She drove an hour to meet at my apartment so we could carpool together. I think we were both terrified that one of us was actually a serial killer...but alas, we were real teacher bloggers and we connected instantly!! We talked for five hours straight and that still wasn't enough time! Since then, we text every day and she even lets me cry to her when I'm having a bad day! I even got to visit her classroom a couple months ago and boy was it fun! I told her I am going to make her famous because her blog posts are ridiculously hilarious but she doesn't believe me!
Love you teeny!

At our second meet up, I found another hilarious friend in Michelle! We had an instant bond and have been inseparable since! She lives super close to me, so we get to hang out and craft all the time! And she has a knack for finding oversized objects which may or may not make her rich someday! She's the best and I'm so lucky to call her a friend!

My blogging friendship with Teri started almost a year ago with my obsession with her crafts! We chatted and collaborated more and more and quickly became besties! She's another one that I talk to everyday and makes me laugh all the time! I was thrilled when I got the opportunity to visit her in New Jersey over the summer! We had way too much fun!
Love you cupcake!
Traci and I became quick friends after one of our meet ups too! She is so creative and talented, you wouldn't even believe! She is a graphic artist and makes the most amazing clip art! She invited me to visit her classroom last week and it was!! Her students were to die for, and they ate up the little scarecrow craft I did with them!

I didn't get a picture with Traci so instead I'm going to share this really neat trick I learned while visiting her classroom!
See this adorable anchor chart?! Not only is it cute, but totally functional! Traci put packing tape over all the spots she wanted to write on. Then she writes the equations with a dry erase marker, and wipes them off when she's done. Genius!!

The last person I am thankful for doesn't have a blog {yet!}. She has been a loyal follower of mine since the beginning, and she's so super sweet! She came to visit me in my classroom last week. {I know! Someone came to visit me?! ME!?} With her, she brought this SUPER song that she made up and she knew I would love it since I have an obsession with making up songs. Boy was she right! She uses this song during her calendar time to practice place value with her kinders. She allowed me to modify it a little, type it up all cute and share it with you guys! You can grab it by clicking on the image below!
{frame by Clipart by Carrie}

This song can definitely be modified for older grades by just adding more digits!
Thanks Mrs. Felts, you're the best!!

I am so thankful for all of you!

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Keeping Your Classroom Organized!

 Is it just me, or do you always feel like you are constantly walking around in circles around your classroom?? It is my biggest pet peeve!! I am all about efficiency so that just drives me crazy! I feel like Rachael Ray stacking all my "ingredients" up in one big pile instead of taking the extra trips while I am setting up my room for the day ;) I realized last year that the one thing I was missing was a "catch all" for my paperclips. Are we aware of how many paperclips we use in a day!? It was driving me nuts! So here is my Paper Clip Tip for you ;)

This little tip has seriously kept me sane so far this year! I hope it helps you too!


Winners and Turkeys!

So you know when you have a plan and everything seems to go wrong!? Well, that's what's happening right now! I had planned to choose the pie winners last night, and I had planned to share a management tip and neither of those happened!

This morning, I didn't plan on not having a voice, I didn't plan on spilling my entire can of coke on the kitchen floor and I didn't plan for our field trip to get canceled due to rain {really!? It was 88 degrees on Tues!} but all those things happened.

So needless to say, it is what it is!! Thank you for being patient!

Suzanne and Sara, please email me misskindergarten{at}hotmail{dot}com. Brianne, yours is on it's way!
And just so you know, I put this whole little winner announcement thing together using my snipping tool! Have you used snipping tool!? It's so cool, I will have to show you guys how to use it!

So anyway, because I had to think fast and rearrange our day this morning, we read The Plump and Perky Turkey {and by we read, I mean my kids had to listen really hard because I have no voice!} and then made these super cute plump and perky turkeys thanks to Jennifer at First Grade Blue Skies!

I also had a very special visitor come to our classroom today! She was super sweet :)
Next week we're going to make this adorable turkey craftivity from Michelle at Apples and ABCs!

I have a very special day "planned" {ha!} for tomorrow, I can't wait to share with you guys!

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Thanksgiving Pies & Aprons!

Less than two weeks until we're on Thanksgiving Break!? What!?! How did that happen!? This year is flying! 

I wanted to share with you some cute little pies I made to decorate the bulletin boards for Thanksgiving or the winter holidays!  

"___ Grade is as Sweet as Pie!"

 Delicious apple pie!

 Scrumptious pumpkin pie!

Have your students write about their perfect pie, the sweetest thing about Thanksgiving, or even a "how-to" piece on how to make a pie!

You can check out my newest craft at my TpT store!
 Want to win it?? Leave a comment below and I will choose three winners tomorrow night {Nov. 7...after all is said and done!}

On another note, we've added some more adorable aprons to our Etsy shop! 
Check them out by clicking the pictures!


{how cute is this one!?}

Good ol' poke-e-dots!

More ABC's

I'll be back later this week with a fun little classroom management tip! 
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