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Kicking off a Great Year!

It's official, this has to be the quickest year ever! {Except that every year feels faster than the year before, so next year might be gone if you blink!} I do love the feeling of starting over every year though, something about the clean slate! And I'm not really a big fan of these dark and gloomy days...I'm over winter and it hasn't even started yet!

I just wanted to share this fun craft that I created for the beginning of the school year, but that would be totally cute for kicking off 2013!

 My students love sports so this was perfect for them! We talked about why goals are important and how we should set ones that we can meet. It was fun! You can check out this craft at my TpT store or TN shop!
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  1. Love it Hadar! Cute crafitivty!


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  3. Love it! My kids would get a kick out of it,

  4. Hard to believe it's almost 2013!! Your crafts are always so cute!

  5. Oh my gosh- that is so stinkin' cute. I love it!


  6. That is ADORABLE!!! I just love the goal of getting a drink of water during recess:) That made me smile because so many kids would come in from recess and then want to drink of want:(
    The Moffatt Girls

  7. Your so creative lv, I am proud to call you a BBFF.

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