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Winter Craft Ideas

As you may know by now, I love crafts! Not only do they always help our classrooms look cute and inviting,  they're also a great way to practice those tricky fine motor skills. And they involve following directions which we all know can be a challenge ;) 

Here are some fun craft ideas for the winter months:
Winter Name Tree

 This idea was inspired by a couple of things...the adorable stitched Christmas trees by Ashley Hughes and the fun snowman name crafts that were so popular last year!

They turn out super cute and they're so easy to make!
Here's what you need:
Enough 4"x4" green squares for each student in your class {one square makes two triangles, I would have my students count out how many triangles they need and them come collect the squares}
One 1.5"x3" brown rectangle for the trunk
One star which you can download {HERE} and printed directly onto yellow paper, or be colored in, thanks to Ashley Hughes :)

To assemble, have your students glue down the trunk at the very bottom of their paper. Then, hold the square like a diamond and cut it in half to make two triangles. They can round the corners or the triangles or keep them point. Then glue the correct amount of triangles on top of each other. Glue the star onto the very top.
Have your students add the letters in their names using foam sticks, markers, crayons or paint. The possibilities are endless! Add dashed lines for the fun stitched look and you're done! 

You can use larger construction paper for students with longer names, or you can have the trees hanging off the paper :)

This project can also be completed without the name!

Square Penguin
This penguin is one of my favorites because he's so easy to put together and turns out so cute!

Here's what you need:
One 8.5"x9" piece of black construction paper for the body
One 6"x9" piece of white construction paper for the belly
One 2.5"x6" piece of black for the flippers
Two 2"x2" white squares and two 1"x1" black squares for the eyes
One 3"x3" orange square for the feet
and one 2"x2" orange square for the beak

To assemble:
1. Glue the white paper over the black paper to make the body.
2. Cut the 2.5"x6" piece of black in half to make two triangles for the flippers. Glue them behind the body so that the point sticks out.
3. Cut the white and black squares into circles by trimming the corners, and glue them down for eyes.
4. Trim the corners of the 3"x3" orange square and cut in half for the feet. Glue down at the bottom.
Cut the 2"x2" square in a v-shape to make the beak and glue down.

I hope you can use some of these ideas!
Be sure to head on over to Freebielicous to check out another free winter craft!

And don't forget to download the TpT Holiday Ebooks with tons of holiday ideas and freebies!!

Happy Crafting!
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