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Short Vowel Practice {short a}

We've been working hard on reading and writing our CVC words, focusing on short a words. My kiddos are so excited to be reading! This week we've been using some fun activities from my Short Vowel unit.

First, we practiced reading, writing and drawing short a words.
I laminated the pages so that we could use dry-erase markers {anything other than a pencil is always fun} and so that we could use the pages over and over. This was also a great vocabulary builder for my English learners.

Then we played Roll, Read and Cover!
I made some dice using foam blocks from the Dollar Tree and writing a-f on one cube, and 1-6 on another cube. The kiddos rolled the dice to find which word to read and then covered it. They loved this little game!

Next, we're going to play this fun little game!

You can find all of the activities above in this unit:



How do you practice short vowels in your classroom?


Groundhog Day Ideas

With Groundhog Day right around the corner, I wanted to share some fun ideas!

Read this fun book all about groundhogs!
 {Thanks Kathleen!}

Make a groundhog craft full of groundhog facts!

Make a class graph!

Make your own groundhog family!

Make shadow art!

Happy Groundhog Day everyone!

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Mystery Number

In November, I had a lovely blogging friend come visit my class, it was so much fun! She was so sweet, she even brought gifts!

Well one gift was from her brain, because she knows my obsession with songs, and she shared with me the cutest song she uses during calendar time! She wrote this song, called Mystery Number and sings it with her class every day!
Mystery Number
Written by Mrs. Felts
To the tune of The Muffin Man
I’m thinking of a number, a number, a number,
I’m thinking of a number,
Can you guess what it is?

The number has two digits, two digits, two digits,
The number has two digits,
Can you guess what it is?

There’s a ___ in the ones' place, the ones' place, the ones' place,
There’s a ___ in the ones' place.
Can you guess what it is?

There’s a ___ in the tens' place, the tens' place, the tens' place,
There’s a ___ in the tens' place
We know what the number is!

We found our mystery number, number, number!
We found our mystery number,
Our number is ___!
She even allowed me to type it up and make it all cute to share with you guys, isn't she sweet!?
{If you aren't sure how to download from Google Drive...click here!}

Well, I introduced this little diddy to my class and they LOVED it! After each verse, I pause to let them guess. Sometimes I give my students a mini whiteboard and marker to write their guesses on. Sometimes we just do it orally. It has really helped them with understanding place value! We started with numbers 1-20, but now we are able to guess all the way up to 99!

I also made this fun little chart to hang up in our calendar area and write our mystery number on.
fonts and graphics by:
When I first introduced it, I wrote the number first with dry erase marker, then covered each digit with a post it. Then we I revealed the ones place, I took the post it off, and again with tens place. Now, I have my students come up and write the number after we have guessed it. 

I can't thank you enough  Mrs. Felts!!

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How to Download from Google Drive

I just wanted to share a quick tutorial on how to download from google drive. It's very easy! If you click share, the author of the document gets an email letting him/her know that you want the document which is not the point of google drive! Here's an easier way to retrieve it! Here's how to do it in 2 easy steps!

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February Math and Literacy Centers

My OLW {one little word} for this year is "present". I have been practicing living in the present, thinking in the present, doing in the present. It's been AWESOME and I feel like my quality of life has increased 10-fold! My days feel longer and more fulfilling. I am enjoying everything as I am experiencing it!

That being said, I am a crazy planner. I get anxious if I'm not prepared! So although I have been working on creating February centers so that I am prepared for February, I am not letting February stress me out, just yet ;) And I figure many of you are planners too, so if you're looking to get prepared for {and not stressed out about!} February, I thought I'd share what I have for February centers so far :)

Here's a peek at what each center looks like...

Greater or Less Than Goodies
Using manipulatives to compare to groups of objects.
We're really trying hard to incorporate partner work in our activities and this would be a perfect activity for partners! 

Racing Hearts
 Another great partner activity! The students take turns rolling the dice and coloring in the hearts to match {or using manipulatives to cover}. Whoever covers up the last heart wins! This is a fun game that can be played over and over, and the cute little heart dice from Target are so fun!

Sweet Treats Train
Addition practice

"Bee"fore and After
Students choose a bee card and record the numbers that come before and after it. My students also love using the bee cards in number order when they finish.

Honeycomb Counting
Using the bee cards again, this time the kids will count on for the number they choose. I also made a recording sheet for them to be count backwards.

Match Makers
This one is my most favorite!! It's a tricky one, but my students love a challenge! They will spin the spinner and identify the number on the tens frame. Then they have to find the bear who is holding the number needed to make a ten. So if they spun a 6, they would find the bear holding the 4.

Sweet Subtraction
Solve the subtraction problems on the chocolates and place them on the correct heart.

Love Notes
I cut apart our sight words and placed them in little envelopes. I matched the color of the number on the envelope to color of the letters to help them stay organized. They will unscramble the letters in the envelope to build a sight word!

Love Letters
Sorting confusing letters!
Make n' Bake
The students will practice reading CVC words and decide if they are real words or nonsense words.

Broken Hearts
The students will match the picture on half the heart with the correct ending sound.

Colorful Cupcakes
This is a great way to practice building sentences, reading sight words and identifying color words.

I think they are going to *love* these!
I found all the little containers and manipulatives in the Target dollar section!
You can find these centers in my TpT store!

These centers are now also available for First Graders!

Looking for fun and engaging centers for the whole year? Check out my Centers for the Year MEGA bundle! Save 25% off the total value!

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HearAll Assessment Recorder Review

Several months ago I was contacted by Learning Resources to review a few of their products.
I was excited because I love using new technology in my classroom!! But sometimes life happens, and time slips away! I've finally got around to using my HearAll Assessment Recorder, so I can let you all know what I think!

The HearAll Assessment Recorder is advertised as a way of assessing students' skills and participation during small groups. Kind of like being "two places at once" which as teachers, we all know is the dream! It has a microphone on each corner to easily pick up conversation and can be downloaded directly to your computer! My favorite part about it is that it's fully rechargeable, no batteries necessary!!

Although I have not used it as an assessment tool yet, I have used it as a way to provide verbal directions during centers. As you may know, I am always trying to find ways to teach my students to work independently. I always provide them with easy to understand directions and visuals {for my non-readers!} like these:
And then I thought, how cool would it be if I could record myself reading the directions and placing that in a center?! Enter, the HearAll recorder!

I was able to record myself reading the directions and showed my students how to press play. {The recorder can hold up to 62 tracks so I can record all the directions at once and just choose the one I want in each center.} Every time a new group moved to that center, they pressed play and there I was reading them the directions!

I'm excited to try to use this to record my students reading a story in class and sharing with their parents. You can email the files you download, or add them to a PowerPoint presentation and play during an Open House! How cool!

My only warning is be very careful the first time you use it, as the volume is SUPPPPERRR loud!!! I think I went a little deaf ;)

How would you use the HearAll in your classroom? Leave a comment below for your chance to win your very own thanks to Learning Resources!

{To enter, you must be a follower of Miss Kindergarten's blog and like Learning Resources on Facebook 
This giveaway will close on Sunday, Jan 20th}
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