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Do You Have a Hall Pass?

I love, love, love linky parties, almost as much as I love to talk about myself, so I get super excited when I find a new linky to join! One of my most favorite bloggers, Reagan is hosting a super fun Hall Pass part-ay!

 {click on the image to join!}

P {favorite product}
Ummm...this is like choosing my favorite child!? How am I supposed to narrow this down!? I love all my products...for a certain amount of time and then the holiday rolls around again and I pull the unit out and I think EW how did I ever think this was cute!? Anyone else?? But I guess, since I have to choose, I'll go with my A-Z crafts because that's like 26 products in one and I am cheating a little ;)
A {favorite area}
My all time favorite area is my craft corner in my apartment! I put it together over a year ago and I'm still in love with it! Thank goodness because I sure do spend a lot of time in this little corner {notice the wine ;)} I also really love my Scotch personal laminator! And that frame actually has a picture in it now ;)

S {favorite signal}
I think my all time favorite signal is my bell because I can hit it really hard when I'm frustrated and nobody notices ;) Plus, the students get really quiet and throw their hands up in the air! But I also love responsive signals. Some of my favorites are...
"Grilled Cheese!" "Everybody Freeze!"
"Criss Cross!" "Applesauce!"
"1,2" "eyes on you!"
I also just learned the most awesomest idea from my BFF's genius! You really should go check it out!

S {how I stay sane}
Well...let's see...I have a lot of shows on my DVR list! I don't think I could make it through the week without some 90210, The Bachelor, How I Meet Your Mother, Dance Moms, and American Idol to name a few!
I also have my blogging besties to keep me sane :D 
L.O.V.E them!!!
And I was lucky enough to meet some of them this past real life!

My roomies for the weekend. These girls are HILARIOUS like I'm pretty sure I lost 10 pounds from laughing so hard! justsaying#

so much fun!!!

And before I forget! Thanks to everyone who entered my little giveaway! I really felt the love :)
Congrats to Christina!
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  1. I love those alphabet crafts! :)


  2. Thanks for sharing your alphabet cards. I love all your ideas and I enjoy reading your blog. You are an inspiration to new bloggers. Thank you!
    Kindergarten Milestones

  3. I am slightly obsessing over that craft room area! Simply beautiful.

  4. Thank you SO much for linking up! I LOVE your office space! Gorgeous! Your A-Z crafts make me wish I had kinder! How FUN! I definite must have for learning letters! Loved the meet up pictures!!!

  5. I love your craft area, I wish mine was as neat and uncluttered. Your A-Z crafts are super cute!

    Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  6. That craft area looks familiar!!! ;) I love all your units! You are so creative! Have a super week!

  7. Your craft area looks great! So neat and organized!
    Conversations in Literacy

  8. I need to make my craft area look like that!!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  9. Hadar, I love your post! Your abc crafts are adorbs! I am going to go link up with Reagan too! Thanks for making me smile!

  10. I'm so excited!! Thank you so much Hadar! I also just showed my husband your craft corner and hinted that some day I would like one of those haha! :)

    Sugar and Spice

  11. I totally hit my chimes too hard when I'm mad :) It's much more acceptable than yelling! I'm so glad you posted pics from Cincy - miss you already!
    Teaching With Style

  12. Your blogger meet-up looks like a FAB time!! I can't wait to start making bloggy friends. :) Teachers are the BEST!!

    I popped over from the Hall Pass linky. I'd love it if you'd "sneak down the hall" and check out my Hall Pass post!!

    Happy Teacher Heaven

  13. Love your hall pass! I'm your newest follower!
    Science for Kids Blog


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