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March Centers

 Well March definitely came in like a lamb...just as I suspected ;) It's been a beautiful 80 degree weekend with a slight breeze! How is it that weather makes me so happy!?

I wanted to share some activities that I have set for March! I just love them!
 I also can't believe how far we've come since September! Kindergarten is so magical :)
 Math Centers:
Counting Coins- addition with missing addends

More and Less
Practicing 10 more and 10 less than a number

Lucky Leprechaun- Identifying teen numbers
I use this is a count the room activity and hang the cards around the room. The kiddos love to carry around their clipboards and find the little leprechauns!

Roll and Cover-
This is a fun partner game. Roll a pair of dice and cover the sum!

Over the Rainbow-
In this center the kiddos make a rainbow by choosing two cards and figure out the place value of the blocks. This one is a little tricky but fun!

Silly Shamrock Subtraction-
We're working hard on subtracting numbers! This fun little game helps them visually see how many clovers to subtract. It's also a race ;)

Literacy Centers:
Rainbow Writing-
This is one of my most favorite centers! The students use a dry erase marker to write the beginning and ending sound of each word on the clouds. Then they transfer it to the recording sheet. Something about dry-erase markers are so intriguing!

Searching for Shamrocks- a write the room center.
I hide the shamrocks around the room and my kiddos walk around and find them. Then they sort them by how many letters in each word. Double duty!

Rhyming Rainbows-
Match the rainbows that rhyme!

Long and Short Vowel sort-

Making Sentences-
This one is always fun. We use it in our pocket chart center. The kiddos unscramble the cards to make complete sentences.

Beginning Blends-
Match the cauldrons to the correct blend on the rainbow. Thanks to my Facebook friends for your suggestion on this center :)

I hope these ideas are helpful! You can purchase these centers at my TpT store {here}!
They're on sale for 20% off this weekend :)

One of my sweet friends was looking for a craft to use at the end of her compound word unit, so this craft was born!

I love, love, love how it turned out! You can pick it up at my TpT store too :)
Happy March!

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  1. Your centers look great! :)

  2. Your kinders are going to have a blast!
    Go Nutty with Me!

  3. These centers look amazing! It makes me wish I taught kinder! :)

    Soaring Through Second

  4. OMG, I love the compound word crafty! Adorable again love.

  5. Oh so darling! You and your crafts! i LOVE them !!!!
    <3 Katie

  6. You know I LOVE it all!
    March came in like a lion for us! It was 36 degrees in GA this weekend. We saw snow. My daughter had no clue what snow even was! hehe

    Sharing Kindergarten

  7. I think I am going to start buying your centers and giving them as gifts to some of our Kinder teachers. I would love kiddos who could do things like this at the beginning of the year. You ROCK!

    Heather's Heart


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